Divi vs : Best WordPress Page Builder in ?

Divi vs Elementor: Best WordPress Page Builder in 2021?

Gone are the days when people had to solely rely on developers to build their websites and pay hefty amounts to get their required designs. WordPress page builders have cleared these obstacles and enabled laypeople to play with simple drag and drop editing to translate the designs in their minds into reality.

Among these best WordPress page builders, both Divi and Elementor have registered top spots, thanks to their extensive features offering and ease of use. However, users often find themselves struggling to make the right selection due to the excellence of both page builders.

I am here to knock the confusion away as my blog compares Divi and Elementor on various metrics and will help you choose the right page builder to cater to your specific requirements.

Before starting the Divi vs. Elementor duel, let us walk through their basic introduction. If you already possess the basic knowledge of page builders, skip this portion to read the comparison part directly.

Why Do You Need a Page Builder?

A few years back, web developers held the pride of developing and building websites, and the thought of a non-tech-savvy user trying their hands-on page building was considered a joke.

Fast forward to recent times, a WordPress plugin turned the tables and put the control and power in the hands of the same non-tech-savvy users, giving them the independence of building their own pages without dealing with any coding complexities.

The magical trend changer plugin is known as a page builder. A page builder cuts down the time and effort and allows users to structure and design their page without any coding skills. But how is this possible?

WordPress page builder makes website building possible for every user thanks to its easy drag-and-drop visual editing that only needs the user to have a creative mindset.

So, are these page builders only for non-tech-savvy users? No, coders can use these page builders to their maximum potential by making the desired changes to the existing code and save their time, effort, and money via drag-and-drop editing.

Now that you know about page builders let’s learn the basics of our two contenders for the best WordPress builder position; Divi and Elementor.

Divi Page Builder

Divi is a WordPress plugin offered by Elegant Themes, and like every page builder, it is used to build web pages via easy drag-and-drop visual editing. It offers tens of free layout templates and 46 premade modules that allow the users to add drag and drop elements like contact forms, shops, image sliders, etc., to their websites.

Divi is offered in the following two forms:

  • Backend Builder
  • Frontend Visual Builder

As the name suggests, the Divi backend builder works



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