Divi Product Highlight: All in One Carousel for Divi

Divi Product Highlight: All in One Carousel for Divi

All in One Carousel for Divi is a versatile plugin that allows you to showcase different types of content through a carousel. It provides seven Divi modules, including images, content, blogs, info cards, team members, testimonials, and portfolio projects. Each module can be fully customized using the Divi Builder, allowing you to create stunning carousels that match the surrounding content on your site.

For those looking to streamline the process, All in One Carousel for Divi offers over 50 pre-built layouts, so you can easily personalize the layout that resonates with you the most. Simply select a design, add your content, and customize it to suit your needs. To better understand how incredible this plugin is, we’ll walk you through installation, selecting a layout, and styling it so you’ll know everything you can do with the plugin.

Let’s get started!

Installing All in One Carousel for Divi

To install All in One Carousel for Divi, you’ll need to head over to the Plugin tab inside the WordPress dashboard and click Add New Plugin.

Next, click the Upload Plugin button.

upload WordPress plugin

Click the Choose File button to load the plugin zip file into WordPress.

choose zip file

Navigate to the location of the zip file on your computer and click upload.

upload WordPress plugin

Once the file is loaded, click the Install Now button to install the plugin.

install now

Finally, click the Activate Plugin button to install the plugin.

activate WordPress plugin

All in One Carousel for Divi Customization Options

As previously mentioned, the All in One Carousel for Divi plugin has 7 unique Divi modules to build gorgeous carousels to showcase your content.

All In One Carousel for Divi modules

Each of the plugin’s modules is fully customizable using the Divi Builder. Like native Divi modules, All in One Carousel for Divi gives you three tabs for content, design, and advanced settings.

All in One Carousel for Divi Content Settings

Each module has unique content options specific to it. For example, the ET Blog Carousel module has options for choosing a layout and provides the standard options available with Divi’s Blog Module.

Blog Carousel Module content options

It also adds module-specific options for the slider and its navigation. You can choose from four slide effects, set the spacing between slides, and configure autoplay and transition settings.

Blog Module slide effects

All in One Carousel for Divi Design Settings

Similar to Divi’s design modules, all of the plugin’s modules have design settings specific to the type of carousel you choose. Using the same Blog Carousel module example, you’ll see options for Coverflow. However, those options change depending on the slider style you choose.

slider design options

Standard design options on all modules include the ability to style the arrow controls, pagination, icons, content, buttons, and text. The sky is the limit on customizing your carousels, thanks to the All in One Carousel for Divi plugin’s extensive design settings.

Divi design settings

All in One Carousel for Divi Modules

To truly give you the most in-depth look at All in One Carousel for Divi, we must provide examples of the beautiful carousels you can create. We’ll walk you through each module and its different layouts so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your purchase.

DE Blog Carousel

With the Blog Carousel module, you can create unique scrolling galleries to feature your latest blog posts. The module has four different layouts, so you’ll have choices for showcasing your content. Blog images can be left or top-aligned or placed as a background image.

Blog Carousel module layout options

The Blog Carousel and all modules offered by the plugin have four slider options, giving you even more choices in presenting your content.

Blog Carousel slider styles

DE Card Carousel

The DE Card Carousel module shares design features similar to the Blog Carousel, but the content settings differ entirely. Users can add as many cards as they like, with specific settings for the slider, including the carousel effect (four types), the number of slides to display, adding up to two buttons, and animation settings.

DE Card Carousel module

Users can choose between slide, cube, overflow, and flip like other DE carousel modules. However, unlike the other modules, there’s only one layout option. For design settings, you can change the colors, text (title, color, and content), and icons and add buttons to send visitors to other website areas.

DE Content Carousel

The DE Content Carousel functions virtually the same way as the Card Carousel module, with a few differences. Unlike the Card Carousel, there isn’t an option for an icon, and you must style the button at the content item level.

DE Content Carousel design settings

DE Image Carousel

The DE Image Carousel module allows you to feature images stunningly. You can add titles and subtitles to your pictures, arrows, and pagination and design each element, allowing visitors to browse your images interactively. Individual photos can be styled separately, along with links, so you can redirect users to your chosen content.

DE Image Carousel module

DE Portfolio Carousel

The DE Portfolio Carousel module is perfect for showcasing your portfolio projects. It has five different layouts and allows you to choose the number of posts, set the content alignment, and select individual categories.

DE Portfolio Carousel

There are also the same four choices for slide effects and a wealth of design options to make your projects speak for themselves.

DE-Portfolio-Carousel layouts

DE Team Carousel

The DE Team Carousel module is perfect for showcasing team members on your website. The module turns Divi’s Person Module into an interactive slider with options for photos, names, job titles, and social media links.

DE Team Carousel

Like other modules available with this plugin, users can choose from four layouts to create a unique look for showcasing team members.

DE Team Carousel layouts

DE Testimonial Carousel

Lastly, the DE Testimonial Carousel module allows you to feature customer testimonials and reviews in an attractive way. There are multiple layouts to choose from, with nearly unlimited customization options. You can display the author’s image, name, job title, company name, star ratings, quote sign, slider arrows, and pagination.

DE Testimonial Carousel content settings

There are also four different layouts, so finding the perfect look to showcase your testimonials is a breeze.

DE Testimonial Layouts

Purchase All in One Carousel for Divi

All in One Carousel for Divi is available in the Divi Marketplace for $39. The 30-day money-back guarantee accompanies your purchase, making you eligible for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Furthermore, you can use the plugin on unlimited websites, and it includes one year of support and product updates.

All in One Carousel for Divi

Final Thoughts on All in One Carousel for Divi

The All in One Carousel for Divi plugin contains features that allow you to create stunning and effective carousels for your Divi website. With 50+ layouts and 7 unique modules, you’ll have no problem showcasing your most important content beautifully with All in One Carousel for Divi.

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