Which Are the Most Effective Linkedin Chrome Extensions –

Which Are the Most Effective Linkedin Chrome Extensions

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform that is ideal for professionals. It allows you to connect with other professionals in your field and create meaningful connections resulting in future business opportunities. But, LinkedIn doesn’t offer many options that can aid in promoting your brand or generating leads on the platform.

This is the point where LinkedIn chrome extensions are helpful! There are many excellent tools available for LinkedIn However, I’ll share the seven top LinkedIn chrome extensions with you.

1. Shield Analytics

The Shield analytics application helps businesses increase their engagement on Linkedin with a wide range of stats and custom analytics that cannot be seen in the Linkedin console. The Chrome extension tracks how well content, hashtags, and posts are to assist users in understanding their followers (including areas, businesses, and professions) and determine the most optimal days and times to publish their content.

While this particular extension is more popular with those who want to establish an online presence, it could be helpful for small businesses who want to know the people who are consuming their content.

Based on Shield’s analysis and data, businesses can develop a coherent LinkedIn strategy for content, which includes posting with the appropriate hashtags at the right time to best showcase the services they offer and allow companies to reach the right people.

2. Lusha

Which Are the Most Effective Linkedin Chrome Extensions - WP Newsify 1

Lusha is a no-cost Google Chrome extension that extracts LinkedIn profiles’ email addresses (and personal numbers) when you’re browsing the website. It’s straightforward to download the extension, and when you’re using LinkedIn, an icon will show up in the upper right corner.

If you’re looking to get an email, click the icon, and you’ll be provided with their contact details–just as you would expect! LinkedIn chrome extension comes with all the tools you require to identify your potential clients and get in touch with them.

If, for example, you’d like to connect with PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, click the tiny LinkedIn icon. Within a few minutes, you’ll have his company email address and an abundance of information regarding his work, company revenue, etc.

In my opinion, Lusha is the best Chrome to find contact details on Linkedin. It is possible to find contacts with leads on LinkedIn on Lusha, which other tools like Wiza, Drop connection, and Hunter did not locate.

To ensure that email addresses are found, we always use this software. Additionally, Lusha Extension allows you to send the contact details of your prospects directly to your preferred CRM (and your preferred list). This is likely to accelerate your prospecting process and keep your CRM clean.

3. Waalaxy


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