Features Coming in WordPress 5.7, Gutenberg 10.0, New Pro Pricing ?️ March WordPress News w/

Features Coming in WordPress 5.7, Gutenberg 10.0, New Elementor Pro Pricing ?️ March 2021 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

?  This is the March 2021 edition of “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.” 

Hey there, hope you guys are doing fine. Here is a new edition of the monthly WordPress news bringing you all the latest updates from the WordPress universe.

In this edition, we are going to talk about a much-awaited feature coming in WordPress 5.7, Gutenberg 10.0, the 100th release of the block editor, Elementor Pro’s new pricing plans, and the first beta for Easy Digital Downloads 3.0.

March 2021 WordPress News with CodeinWP

WordPress 5.7 Lets Administrators Send Password Reset Links

In a dev note before the next major update, JB Audras announced a new feature coming in the next release. This new password reset feature will allow admins to manually send a password reset link to the existing users. This feature has resolved a five-year-old ticket. Now, admins don’t have to guide users to reset their passwords. Instead, admins can simply send a reset link by clicking a button.

This feature can be found in the user profile screen, right above the “Set new password” setting. You can access it by hovering over the user’s row in the users list or by clicking on the Bulk Action drop-down in the user list section.

The reset password email will include the site name, username, password reset URL, and the IP Address of the admin.

WordPress 5.7

What’s new in Gutenberg 10.0?

The 100th iteration of the block editor, Gutenberg 10.0 was released on February 17th, 2021, with some new features, improvements, new APIs, and bug fixes.


This version introduces a new Pages block that allows you to create navigation menus that you can use inside a navigation block or separately.

This release has also made the parent block selector visible and offset in the toolbar so now you can easily select the parent block when using nested blocks.


This release has made some important enhancements like a darker social link state for dark themes, a tag name selector in the advanced panel of the group blocks, block patterns for the inserter and non-root level positions, and more.
The new version has also made many improvements and bug fixes in progress for the navigation, block-based widget screens, and full-site editing (FSE).

While reflecting on the journey, Riad Benguella (technical lead of the project) said:

With all the attention that the project received, it became difficult to discern constructive debate from mere opposition. We each come with our own context, and some people had a fixed idea about what they wanted for the project. Some wanted to just reuse an existing page builder, others wanted to revive the Fields API project, some wanted it to be front-end-first, others wanted it to just replace the content area of the classic editor, some wanted it to be in Vue.JS, others wanted no change at all. With a product used by 40% of the web, we need to find consensus, and when we make compromises it can be so difficult for those involved to avoid the feeling that their voice is being ignored.

Riad Benguella

Gutenberg 10.0

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Elementor Pro Price Increase: What You Need to Know – Buy Soon!

Elementor announced new pricing plans for Elementor Pro on February 9th, 2021. These changes will take effect from March 9th, 2021.

On March 9th, 2021, Elementor will be adding new Studio and Agency Pro subscription plans and adapting the Expert plan, to best accommodate users’ growing needs. These changes will only apply to new purchases. If you’re on an existing active subscription plan, nothing changes for you.

These price changes will only affect new customers. Current customers can keep their licenses active with the old pricing plan. The biggest and most radical change is made to the Expert plan that used to offer 1,000 sites for $199/year. Now it will only offer 25 sites for the same price and if you want to get the license for 1,000 sites then you will need to purchase the Agency plan for $999/year with a 400% price hike.

With this new plan, nothing will change for the Personal and Plus plans. Expert plan users will get access to 100+ website kits. Website kits are the themed sets of templates all based around the same website. Users on the Studio or Agency plans will also get VIP live chat support.

The new plans will be effective from March 9th, so if you are interested in getting the Expert plan then you can get it for $199/year with 1,000 sites before that and avoid the price hike.

? Starting to look for viable Elementor alternatives? Check out this head-to-head comparison between Elementor, Divi Builder and Beaver Builder

Easy Digital Downloads 3.0-beta1 now ready for testing

The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) team released their first beta for version 3.0 on February 16th, 2021. This update will migrate most of the EDD data out of the WordPress core table to the custom database table and will bring improvements to performance.

The beta is launched to make sure the migration process works fine and all the necessary data is migrated to its new place without any issues. This launch will also give the developers a chance to see the changes in the code for version 3.0 and make their extensions compatible.

Here is the current list of extensions compatible with the new version:

  • Auto Register, version 1.3.11+
  • Braintree Gateway, version 1.1.6+
  • Commissions, version 3.4.11+
  • Gateway Fees
  • PDF Invoices, version 2.2.27+
  • Recurring, version 2.10.1+
  • Software Licensing, version 3.7+
  • Stripe Gateway, version 2.8+

Developers who want to test the beta version can download it from GitHub and go through the data migration process. The testing guide has also specified a list of seven custom tables to check there are no issues with the migration process.

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That sums up our March 2021 WordPress news roundup. Anything we missed?

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