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Free Facebook Tools to Set Up Your Landing Page

It is a known fact that the organic reach, once so prevalent, is declining on Facebook. This change hit not only the average user but the businesses as well. They now have to find creative ways of fan engagement ever and reach increase.

For starters, many people nowadays rely on Facebook page apps for engagement with their core audience. While this can be a great way of achieving your goals, it can require specific technical skills that not all of us possess.

However, one positive fact is, there are plenty of free tools whose primary purpose is to help you set up a basic Facebook page app. Further in this article, we will present you with some of the best, and most importantly, free ones.

1. Heyo

Heyo is a tool that specializes in a very dynamic field of user engagement – contests. However, it mainly works well with small businesses and agencies.

The tool has a lot at its disposal to help you generate more leads and even grow your email database. We already mentioned contests, but other methods worth considering are sweepstakes and special offers.

Also, you can use promotions, various types of forms, and other page details to collect leads. Don’t forget to stimulate newcomers by providing incentives to new customers.

If you are an already established business, using user-generated content in your campaigns could be a worthwhile idea. This type of content has a unique appeal to the general user base because it is seen as more natural content than marketing agencies’ ad campaigns from scratch.

Furthermore, it is essential to reward your loyal followers and show them that they are valuable to you. That way, you have a much higher chance of retaining them.

2. ShortStack


The following tool, ShortStack, is also a focused one. Primarily it has a function to help you create a new Facebook landing page. And the crucial fact here is, it makes it without having to master all of the technical aspects of Facebook pages.

Plus, just like the previous tool, this one encompasses contests as a vital part of its toolset. Here are several different types of contests and other functions at your disposal:

  • Facebook Contests – for creating apps, contests, and giveaways. A great way of connecting with your followers.
  • Instagram Contests – for creating bio links for traffic directly to your contests and galleries.
  • YouTube Contests – for quickly turning your viewers into your subscribers. It helps you create helpful email lists as well.
  • Hashtag Contests – for acquiring user-generated content quickly and elegantly while driving up engagement.

This tool offers you free and paid services. The minimum paid package is $9 per month.

3. Woobox



This article was written by Maja Cizmic and originally published on WP Pluginsify.

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