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Looking to start a fundraiser? These fundraising WordPress themes will help you to set up everything you need without any coding knowledge.

The world is far from being in a good place, especially in categories like wellness and overall health. Think about African countries or South American regions where resources are not as accessible as everywhere else in the world. Needless to say, only a handful of the world’s countries can call themselves modern or developed. And even then, most struggle with political problems and overall population dissatisfaction.

Such events have helped to sprout millions of non-government organizations and non-profit businesses with a single goal: to help others. And what a beautiful cause it is, to lend your time and energy to those who are in need.

Starting a fundraising business involves a little back and forth with the government rules and regulations. But because so many people have already applied for their license, the process is becoming increasingly easier for even younger generations to get involved with charitable businesses.

Charity and fundraising, in general, are big topics in the WordPress theme community. Check these posts for more:

Most importantly, the internet is full of kindred souls who are keen to help causes that truly impact the world. The internet has, without question, helped millions of people all across the globe. Major fundraising campaigns have been done not only for individuals but for whole countries as well, especially after devastating natural disasters. But there are so many ways to help one another. If it so happens that you are a charitable business and would like to get involved with fundraising, well, we have the perfect themes for you.

Let’s have a look at the best fundraising WordPress themes available today: 

Best Fundraising WordPress Themes

Helping Hands

The core structure of Helping Hands is the process of collecting donations, perfect for business owners in fields of charity, non-profit organizations, and fundraising. The design of this theme almost feels like a Kickstarter alternative for projects related to helping others. As you enter the homepage, the first thing (widget) that pops up is a featured image with a donation overlay. As a result, this theme emphasizes a strong message that’s all about donations and helping.

When you add new causes, for which there are custom post types, you can set the necessary donation amount individually. This theme tracks any new donations, subsequently adjusting the required goal countdown. When someone wishes to donate, their contributions are processed through a shopping cart via WooCommerce carts. Payment methods include PayPal and credit cards, but you can add additional gateways through external plugins.

Helping Hands includes a separated blog design where you can publish news about your fundraiser projects. Furthermore, a separate Causes page uses a portfolio grid to feature any cause or project



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