30+ Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners (Start Today!)

30+ Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners (Start Today!)

Making money online has never been easier. There are so many different ways to earn extra income from home, even if you think you don’t have any skills or experience.

Let’s face it; we could all do with a little extra cash. Maybe you’re looking for a way to replace your full-time job and be your own boss. Or perhaps you just want a few hundred extra dollars each month to save for something special. 

As long as you have a computer (or even a smartphone!) and an internet connection, you can start making money from anywhere in the world.

In this article, you’ll find over 30 ideas on how to make money online for beginners with little to no experience. From taking surveys to blogging, there’s a way for everyone to start making an extra income with these simple jobs. And some of these ideas can even put money in your account today.

An important caveat before we get started: Don’t dismiss these ideas straight away if you think they’re too hard. It’s true that some of these strategies require more effort than others. But you don’t necessarily be an expert to get started either. Everyone has to start somewhere. So even if you’re a complete beginner, you can take steps today to start learning.

(Hint: skip to the last item on the list for a secret trick to make money from pretty much any of these methods without any prior skills or experience.)

📚 So take a list through the list below, pick an option that appeals to you, and get started!

  1. Freelancing
  2. Sell an eBook
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Display ads
  5. Sell stuff on eBay & other selling platforms
  6. Join the gig economy and do anything for $5
  7. Website testing
  8. Become a search engine evaluator
  9. Create an online course
  10. Take surveys for cash
  11. Micro tasking
  12. Sell photos online
  13. Sell graphics, WordPress themes, printables, and other digital assets
  14. Print on demand
  15. Set up an eCommerce store
  16. Dropshipping
  17. Reselling on Amazon FBA or eBay
  18. Start a YouTube channel
  19. Online teaching & tutoring
  20. Set up a paid forum or membership site
  21. Coaching
  22. Become a social media influencer
  23. Launch an SEO agency
  24. Online trading
  25. Domain and website flipping
  26. Matched betting
  27. Get cashback for shopping online
  28. Peer to peer lending
  29. Invest in cryptocurrency
  30. Sell NFTs
  31. PPC marketing
  32. Work from home with a remote job/telecommuting
  33. Video game livestreaming
  34. Outsource the work to someone else

1. Freelancing

Let’s start with one of the easiest and most obvious ways to make money from home: freelancing.

Despite the fact that it’s so easy to get started as a freelancer, many newbies to the world of working online think that you need a lot of experience or even



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