What is a Domain Name?

what is a domain name?

In simple terms, a domain name is the “address” of a website. A domain name is the URL of a website that typed into a browser to find and access it.

The longer, more technical answer of “what is a domain name?” requires a breakdown of the structure of a domain name and all of the techniques required to make it work on the web. Basically, there’s a lot more to the definition of a domain name than just the name.

If you’re interested in building a website, blog, or an online business, it’s necessary to understand the importance of having a strong domain name. Let’s start by explaining what is a domain name and comprehending its purpose.

What is a Domain Name Example?

Amazon.com, Google.com, iThemes.com and Apple.com are all examples of a domain name. As you can see, each domain name is also the name of the business or brand, so you automatically know who owns the website you are visiting.

How Do I Find a Domain Name?

Creating a domain name takes some thought. The goal is to have a name that fits the overall structure and concept of your business. It should have some meaning behind it.

Your domain name is one of the first things people see. Is it something catchy and unique that will stick in people’s heads? Or is it long and forgettable? One of the first steps to having a rockin’ website is your domain name. You need a short and catchy url that people can remember and share with their friends. It needs to be something you can build a brand around.

If you’re unclear on what name to choose, take a sheet of paper and start writing down what your business is about. What do you want to offer people when they visit? Is there a specialty that only you possess that would make your business more valuable to them? After you think about all of the factors involved, try to figure out what your name might be.

Ted Price, the founder of Insomniac Games, along with other members of his team, stayed up all night figuring out the right name for their video game company. After coming up with a long list of names, they decided on Insomniac. When you think of video gaming, the person playing tends to stay up all night or all day, getting very little sleep. It made the most sense to them.

You can always take some liberty on the name you choose for your domain. There aren’t any strict rules but if you have something that’s a bit creative, you’ll need a good story as to why you chose it.

Tips for How to Find a Good Domain Name

Here are some tips to help you find a domain name:

1. Keep It Short. The longer your URL is, the harder it will be to remember, and the more likely people will misspell it.

2. Make it Easy to Remember. A string of six random letters might be really short, but it’s not easy to remember. Your domain name has to stick in people’s minds in order for them to remember it and tell others about it.




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