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ReactJs helps you to create an interactive user interface easily. No matter how complicated the data is, you can create interactive charts and UI elements elegantly with the ReactJs. Since it is created and maintained by the Facebook and Instagram community, you needn’t worry about the quality or the how well it manages the complex codes. Thus React is the best source to create an interface for web applications and the react dashboards have more advanced user interfaces.

The major advantage of the ReactJs is, the components can be easily rendered and viewed, it ensures readability and makes maintainability easier. For developers, it easy to test, even form the server side it can be tested. The only downside of the ReactJS is, it is just a view lawyer. It means you can use it to create an interface, but it cannot be used for maintaining the data. To handle the data you have to combine the React with other MVC’s (Model-View-Controller) frameworks.

Now you might get an idea that these best react dashboard template can’t be used by the general users directly, as you do with the WordPress themes. You can use these react dashboard templates as a base and can create your own web application and dashboards for your site. Saying that, let get into the list of best React dashboard templates.

ArchitectUI (Most Popular)

Have your entire application under full control to reach the success you want to attain. You can realize these goals with ArchitectUI, a React dashboard template that not only specializes in design but also in functionality. In the kit, there are a bunch of templates to choose from, all of which are 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and retina screen friendly. To be more exact, ArchitectUI delivers nine dashboard samples which you can use and improve until they match your application best.

ArchitectUI is pretty much alive, displaying the latest innovations in admin web design like powerful integrations, voluminous elements, upgraded tools, improved navigation and lesser whitespace. ArchitectUI also sports 150 components, 23 button styles, five dropdown styles, five icon packs, eight colors skins and more. Expand your potential fully with ArchitectUI.

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EasyDev is a clean, modern and user-friendly React dashboard template with some truly impressive features and assets. It incorporates all the latest technology trends to make a tool that will benefit you tremendously. With the clean code and in-depth documentation, everyone can set up an admin dashboard for their application. For your information, EasyDev works with both web and mobile applications and quickly adapts to your needs.




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