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The WP Popups WordPress plugin.

Your WordPress site is an important asset to your business. However, like many marketers, you might struggle with figuring out how to use it to generate leads and drive conversions.

Adding a pop-up feature on your site is an effective and simple way to boost engagement and capture leads. Plus, it’s as easy as adding a plugin such as WP Popups!

In this article, we’ll explain what the WP Popups plugin is and the benefits of using it. Then we’ll discuss some of the WP Popups Pro features and how they work. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to WP Popups

WP Popups is a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily build popups on your website. Active on over 70,000 sites, it’s one of the most popular popup plugins available for WordPress sites.

The popup maker comes with an intuitive interface and template builder. You can use it to create aesthetically pleasing pop-ups designs in a few clicks. There’s absolutely no need for coding, so it’s perfect even for beginners or those with little to no technical knowledge.

The WP Popups Lite version is available to download for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory. This version of the plugin is packed with features and lets you perform all necessary tasks involved in creating and customizing popups for your WordPress site.

Some of the features include:

  • Five popup locations
  • Trigger popup settings by seconds and scrolling pixels
  • Display and appearance customization options
  • Social network shortcodes

There are endless ways to incorporate popups on your website – from Call To Actions (CTAs) and contact forms to important messages and cookie notices. WP Popups can help you achieve all of these and more.

WP Popups Pro Features

While there are many useful features built-in with the free version of WP Popups, the Pro version has even more to offer. If you’re looking to access an expansive collection of premium features, including more triggers, locations, and addons, then upgrading is certainly worth considering. Let’s take a look at four major WP Popups Pro features.

1. An Intuitive Template Builder

One of the best parts about the WP Popups Pro plugin is that it comes stacked with pre-built popup templates you can use. This is particularly beneficial if you’ve never worked with popups before and don’t have any experience designing or building them yourself. The beautiful templates can also be a big time-saver in the creation process.

The WP Popups Pro plugin templates page.

Some examples of templates you can choose from include:

However, if you do wish to create your own, the template builder makes it easy to do that as well. It includes an intuitive visual editor you can use to create popup templates from scratch.

2. A/B Testing and Analytics Addons

Adding popups to your WordPress site can involve a process of trial and error. Through A/B testing, you can create different versions of popups, assess the performance and results, then choose the ones that provide the best results.

The WP Popups Pro plugin makes that incredibly easy, thanks to the A/B testing addon:

The A/B test edit page on the WP Popups plugin dashboard.

After you create your first pop-up, you can start a new A/B test by going to WP Popups > All Popups. The A/B test link will be available under the popup title.

In addition to A/B testing, the premium plugin also includes analytics. You can track the conversions and impressions of each of your popups. More, you can even integrate the plugin with your Google Analytics account, allowing you to get a meaningful snapshot of your marketing campaign’s success.

3. Detailed Display Rules

Having the ability to control how and when users see your popups is key. Fortunately, WP Popups Pro gives you all the control you need.

Thanks to the more than 30 detailed display rules, you can configure the popup triggers according to a variety of rules. Ultimately, this provides more flexibility than would otherwise be possible.

The display rules page on the WP Popups plugin.

This plugin comes with a plethora of built-in display rules which you can combine and mix-and-match to create highly targeted popups for your WordPress site. You can use these rules to control what visitors see your popups, as well as where they see them on the site.

Once you activate the plugin, you gain access to more than 30 different display rules. You can use these rules to create customized targeting with:

  • WordPress content
  • Users
  • Devices
  • Popup actions

These rules come with both positive and negative conditions. For example, you can target visitors who are using particular devices as well as choose the popup to not appear on posts that are in a certain category.

4. Email Marketing Integration

One of the most common and effective uses of popups on WordPress sites is using them as lead capture tools. If you’re planning to use popups to build out your email and subscriber list, it makes sense that you would want an efficient method to connect it with your email marketing services.

The Email Marketing page on the WP Popups Pro plugin.

WP Popups Pro delivers that. With its email marketing integration feature, you can connect to nearly any of the most popular email marketing services, including Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and Constant Contact.

By connecting your popups to your email marketing service, you create a quick, easy path for your visitors to go directly to your subscriber form. Ultimately, it helps you grow your subscribers, boosts engagement, and drives conversions.


Adding popups to your WordPress site is an effective way to boost engagement, drive conversions, and help you achieve a variety of other marketing goals. While there are free plugins you can use, upgrading to a premium one such as WP Popups Pro makes it easy to get the most from your popups.

In this post, we discussed four major features of the WP Popups Pro plugin that make it a powerful option for WordPress users:

  1. An intuitive template builder.
  2. A/B testing and analytics addons.
  3. Detailed display rules.
  4. Email marketing integration.

Do you have any questions about WP Popups Pro? Let us know in the comments section below!

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