20 Best Golf Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Golf Blog

Golf Affiliate Programs

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If you’re looking for new affiliate programs, I have some great suggestions for you.

Today, I am going to share 20 Golf affiliate programs that have a vast audience and fantastic returns per sale.

To play golf, you need to have the right budget to book a course, purchase equipment, and develop skills.

In a nutshell, most people with flamboyant lifestyles like golf, which means they are ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their hobbies, which allows us to make money as affiliate marketers.

The global golf equipment market size was valued at $8,156 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $9,666 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 2.2% from 2017 to 2023.

This number just represents the potential of profits in selling golf equipment. There are tons of other products that you can sell and earn a commission from.

If you think your inventory will be limited to just golf equipment, you are mistaken.

Along with expensive equipment, you can sell tons of accessories and other necessary products with a high margin.

Let me share what the other products that you can sell as an affiliate marketer are:

Types of products you can sell in the Golf industry

Golf Learning

There are so many programs available that you can use as an affiliate marketer. These programs teach people how to play golf. They share a process to improve their golf skills.

You will find so many offline and online golf learning resources.

Currently, due to the Covid-19 situation, people are turning toward digital learning, and that makes it a perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote golf learning courses.

Moreover, with online learning, players don’t have to visit specific places in their neighborhood to learn the sport.

They can watch tutorials, play with simulators, and improve their game.

You can also partner with local golf learning agencies and schools and create content on your website promoting their programs.

Here, you can attract local players and audiences to tell them about the benefits of the golf learning programs that they can join in the local neighborhood only.


Promote memberships of golf clubs and houses that people can be part of.

These communities have subscription costs that users have to pay. And per sign up, you will get a commission.

These memberships also include memberships of golf brands, courses, packages, which are very expensive if bought separately.


If you sell travel packages to organizations and plan their business trips every year, you can add a golf course in your package. This way, your client will enjoy the sport and have a good holiday time.

As an affiliate, you can promote golf courses and destinations at resorts and hotels where people can play golf when visiting them.


You can sell ebooks related to golf



This article was written by Kulwant Nagi and originally published on Blog – Blogging Cage.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the product, We may receive an affiliate commission.

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