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Here you will find the best hotel WordPress theme with an automated booking system for any hotel size and star rating.

Certainly, every hotel owner wants its website to demonstrate all the amenities and improvements of their hotel, and show it in the best light possible. The owner is eager to impresses the viewer with high-resolution images of luxury hotel facilities, up-to-date design, and incredible views out of the hotel’s windows. But for such purpose, one must have a suitable website with a great-looking hotel theme. The following collection of the most impressive hotel WordPress themes is a perfect solution. They are designed with a single purpose — to satisfy your wish of having a high-quality template that would represent your hotel at its best. Their design is aesthetically appealing but at the same time natural, which allows visitors to freely navigate and learn more about your services.

Best Hotel WordPress Themes of 2020

The hotel WordPress themes you’re about to examine, have not only an awesome design but also a great bunch of other, crucially important features that allow your site to be abreast of all modern sites on today’s Web. First and foremost, they are responsive. This means that you can view them from all possible devices, including tablets and mobile phones. The resolution, layout and font size of a template will adapt to the size of your screen. Isn’t it awesome?

But the best advantage of these WordPress hotel themes is that they can be easily customized for any of your purposes. You can change literally every element of the layout, including a background image, a color-scheme, type and size of fonts, icons, and many more. You can unleash your fantasy and change your hotel theme beyond any recognition. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a web developer to perform all the customization. WordPress themes can be easily adjusted via an intuitive, user-friendly interface, so even a person not familiar with coding would be comfortable adjusting the design the way he or she prefers.

But there’s no need to rush. Take your time, and study each one of these hotel themes carefully, without haste. You can examine each template individually by clicking “demo”. In that way, you will be able to see each element of the layout more closely and try clicking links and navigation menu. Of course, it is only a template, so the main task of filling it depends on you. I hope, you will find this collection of the best hotel WordPress themes helpful, and be finally able to have exactly the website you want.

Without further hesitation let’s have a look at the best hotel WordPress themes you can install today.

Hotel Luxe

No doubt, Hotel Luxe is one hell of a hotel WordPress theme that sports an incredible design. But there is not only one design that you get. In the Hotel Luxe kit, you are treated to ten different samples that cover all sorts of businesses, like a luxury hotel, resort, apartment, motel, Bed and Breakfast, and



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