Best VoIP WordPress Themes for IP Telephony

Best VoIP WordPress Themes

The demand for using VoIP services is on the rise today. After multiple years with travel put on pause, people finally have an opportunity to visit their preferred destinations with little or no restrictions. In cases when you are far from home and roaming charges are too high, using VoIP services for texting and calling over the internet is always a good idea.

If your company provides VoIP services, you must market them effectively on the web to attract more clients. One of the best and most effective ways of getting your VoIP or cloud services business online is to build a website using VoIP WordPress themes.

Luckily, there are many such options available, both premium and free. This article features a collection of several of the best VoIP themes for quick and worry-free web development.

What is VoIP?

Before we move to the collection of the best VoIP WordPress themes, let’s put first things first and learn how VoIP works.

VoIP (or voice over internet protocol) is a standard to facilitate voice-based calls using an internet connection instead of a local telephone company’s services. VoIP services are popular among people worldwide because they can make phone calls without using any specific phone services or the need to buy a phone number and pay monthly bills for connectivity. An interrupted internet connection is all that one needs to make and receive calls and exchange messages.

VoIP systems are rapidly becoming popular alternatives to communication over landlines or mobile networks. Such systems convert analog voice signals into digital signals, letting you communicate with anyone, everywhere.

A typical VoIP configuration involves a desk phone and a VoIP service provider. Unlike a traditional landline phone, VoIP services offer many additional features.

Since VoIP runs over the internet, your connection and all data are securely stored in the cloud. Most of such services allow you to manage the VoIP system over informative online dashboards. The functionality of such dashboards depends on what VoIP services provider you choose. In most cases, they enable you to adjust contacts, add/edit/delete phone numbers, set up call forwarding, etc.

Whatever phone system you use, it’s likely you already pay for internet services. Most VoIP services are free for download and use and may include additional fees for personal or business needs. Using VoIP services, you can communicate with friends and family no matter where you live. You can cut your cellular bill and forget about any calling or texting limits.

How to Create a VoIP Services Website

Ready-to-go VoIP website templates are the ultimate choice for everyone looking forward to creating industry-specific websites and gaining wider exposure for their VoIP services. The number of such ready-made solutions grows as more people decide to try the benefits of using VoIP services and reduce their monthly connectivity bills.

The collection of the best VoIP WordPress themes listed below features



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