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Instagram, the best visual, photo-sharing social media platform is in the news for all the right reasons. The social site has more than 400 million active visitors, and therefore, it’s needless to say why brands, big and small, are switching to Instagram. Now, Instagram benefits many businesses, professions, and disciplines. For instance, there are numerous Instagram tools for web designers, and the question arises, how these professionals can incorporate Instagram into their web design.

According to an article published on HuffPost, you can use the photos and videos to build engagement and tell stories to your targeted audience. Always use high-resolution photos and videos to attract more followers when you want to sell your products or services. In simple words, your visitors and potential clients must appreciate the design of your web pages, graphics, use of colors, and logo. Thanks to Instagram! Here are five tips for integrating Insta into your design:

1. Lookbook-style page

Did you know that a simple Instagram page helps in creating a full web page of valuable content without the need to create additional content? You might be wondering how, and so, let us explain this point with the help of an example.

As far as Vu Sunglass is concerned, it used this method as a lookbook-style web page to display its range of sunglasses. It was cataloged as ‘Editorial’ instead of ‘Insta feed.’ Most importantly, there is little or zero proof that such quality content was created from Instagram. The soft and even inclusion cleverly promotes your e-commerce website by linking the glasses when a user clicks on the thumbnail image. It is as simple as that.

2. Embedded Instagram feed

One of the fundamental ways of incorporating Instagram into your web design is by inserting a feed. If you look at the website of Famedrop, which is a web store selling garments, and based out of Montreal, inserts a feed immediately under the fold on the site’s home page.

When you have an Instagram theme that connects smartly with existing products and website design colors and shades, the Insta feed inclusion is more cohesive than you think.

3. Direct sales approach

Just as Vu’s editorial page, if you look at White Fox Boutique, it has designed a web page with a clear sales focus. It shows, ‘Shop our Instagram’; the visitors know the intent of the website even before they visit the page. When a potential buyer clicks on the Insta photos, one finds a whole list of links related to the products showing up, thus directing the shopper right to the purchase point. Once your web design and Insta strategies work, you will learn how to buy 20 Instagram likes to boost your brand visibility.

Today, you will find numerous e-commerce businesses active on mobile apps, and it would help you if Instagram was more cooperative for its targeted audience. In fact, the photo-sharing site has started integrating e-businesses into its platform with something new called Instagram for Business.




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