Monday Masterclass: How to Write Great Web Design Proposals –

Monday Masterclass: How to Write Great Web Design Proposals - Elementor

Our pricing system should be modular in the same way that our workflow in Elementor is modular. 

If a client is asking me for a quote for a standard site, made up of 5 pages, I will begin calculating my quote by adding up the following costs:

  • Building the home page = 70% (of the total workload)
    • Including Header / Footer* 
  • About page = 5% (as I will be using 1 or 2 sections from the Homepage design)
  • Contact page = 10%
  • Other 2 pages = 15% 

*In most cases, a header or footer, or both, only need to be made once.

Estimate the amount of time you will personally need to create a sketch of the homepage. To that, add a round or two of corrections and then add the amount of time it will take you to build it. 

Don’t forget that we’ll need extra time for animation and motion effects. 

I would also add 10 or 15 percent to our calculation, to be on the safe side. 

Knowing the amount of time, you must estimate how much money your time is worth. 

The number that you come up with will serve as a great foundation for your pricing system. 

Every other part of the website can be calculated modularly. 

This way, our pricing system reflects our work process, and we don’t end up undercutting ourselves.

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