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How to Choose the Perfect Font for Your Website - Elementor

When we set out to design a website, the first thing we will want to understand is the message or the emotion that we want to convey to our visitors. If we are not sure what that message is, we can try to pick three or four words that we can use in a short line to describe the business in the best way possible. For example:

  • “We are a formal, professional and respected real estate company”
  • “We are a young, crazy and hip startup company”
  • “We are a fun, childish and magical summer camp”. 

In finding three words to describe our business, we better understand the message or the emotion that we want to convey, in a clear and simple way.

After choosing adjectives that truly speak for our business, we can start creating the “mood board” to help us find our direction and focus on our design. We can use images, video, bits of text, whatever we want. Everything is relevant for this task. When our “mood board” is ready, we can start to see the design line that is right for our business and start our journey to find the perfect font for us.

Let’s say that we have a family business; a Pizzaria with more than 30 years of experience. We could use words like “professional”, “traditional” and “family”. Using these words, we can start to grasp an idea of the images that we’ll add to our “mood board”. We could try using black and white images that give us vintage and nostalgic feeling. The colors that we select should be more stable, dark and heavy colors. To complete this look, we will probably pick a more serif, cursive or “script” fonts that are considered classic and traditional, to generate a sense of warmth and character. 

Let’s explore another example, and say we are a startup for a new app on the market. With our target audience roughly aged 20 years old, we will probably want our users to think of our company and product as a young, cool, and modern business. Our “mood board” should include modern imagery, perhaps invoking Instagram-style photos. We might want to include bright colors and employ a clean modern design line. A font that would compliment the scheme and message, in this case, would probably be sans-serif, a clean and modern looking font. 

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