AAWP Plugin Review: How to Setup? Pros/Cons & More

  • Are you using the Amazon affiliate program?
  • Are you wondering how can you make more money as an Amazon affiliate?

Just like you, I often use Amazon associate program to make money from my blog. For long, I wondered how can I make the same or more money as the top Amazon affiliates make.

Of course, starting a niche Amazon affiliate site is one, but I don’t want to do that. All I want to do is, use my existing content and optimize it to get more revenue from the Amazon affiliate program.

This quest let me spend time searching for tips and strategies used by top Amazon affiliates and I discovered something significant:

  • A lot of high earner Amazon Affiliate is using the comparison table
  • Their CTA buttons are clear and conversion-oriented
  • The product boxes makes the featured Amazon product stand out

In short, their articles are well-designed for affiliate conversion.

This got me thinking how could I do the same?

My search for an answer leads me to discover a popular Amazon affiliate plugin called AAWP which I have started using since then.

I believe this is a solid Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for the hobby as well as pro bloggers to make most out of the Amazon affiliate program.

I would do my best to share all the benefits of the AAWP plugin and a guide on how to set up the AAWP plugin.

However, it would be nice if you could also explore more features about the AAWP plugin on their official website.

Visit AAWP Plugin Website

Benefits of using the AAWP Plugin:

1. Geo-targeting – Supports multiple Amazon countries:

This single feature alone could skyrocket your earnings from the Amazon affiliate program.

A lot of users are not aware of the fact that you are missing out on earnings from Amazon if you are not using the Geo-targeting feature. Amazon has recently introduced one link feature which takes care of it, but it offers integration with only a select few Amazon Geo stores.

With the AAWP Geo-targeting feature, you could start earning from all other Amazon Geo stores. In the further section of this review, I have shared how to use this feature.

2. Higher Amazon affiliate conversion:

Since AAWP plugin adds CTR oriented boxes, it helps you to get more affiliate sales.

This feature alone makes this premium plugin worth buying.

3. Auto product updation:

As this plugin uses Amazon API to fetch the latest information about the product, this makes your listing up to date, and gives a better user experience.

None the less, you are less likely to be banned by Amazon for putting out outdated information.

4. Amazon compliance:

How many times you have heard of users getting their Amazon affiliate account banned due to compliance?

Well, AAWP offers features such as ”



This article was written by Harsh Agrawal and originally published on ShoutMeLoud.

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