7 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins to Make Your Site Faster


Images on your website are one of the key contributors to its increased load time. Heavier images take longer to load which ruins user experience and increases bounce rate. One of the solutions to this problem is Lazy Loading.

Since you have landed on this article through search or any other platform, you probably know what lazy loading is and I would suggest you skip directly to WordPress lazy loading plugins. But if you don’t, I reckon you stick around and understand what lazy loading is and how it works.

What is Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is an effective optimization technique that loads only the content that is visible to the user while delaying the content that is in the next fold. This doesn’t mean that your web page will be partially loaded. It only means that the content is loaded when it is required by the user. This is the opposite of bulk loading where the entire page is loaded in one go.

For instance your web page consists of 4 folds. When visitors land on your page, they see the first fold and not the folds below so lazy loading loads only the first fold and once users scroll to the next fold, only then that fold is loaded.

This type of loading makes sense because if your users find relevant information in the first fold, you don’t need to load the entire webpage which can increase your load time and ruin user experience.

Top WordPress Lazy Loading Plugins

Now that we have understood what lazy loading is, let’s have a look at the best WordPress lazy loading plugins.

1. Ajax Load More

It is a great lazy load WordPress plugin with the idea of eliminating lag and promoting infinite scrolling. With its unique ability, it is also known to be one of the best lazy loading plugins for WordPress.

Ajax Load more can be used for building custom WordPress queries to shortcodes and also includes features like shortcode builder, query parameters, repeater templates to edit and extend the functionality of your website, multiple instances and multisite compatibility.

All the above mentioned functionalities and enhanced features makes Ajax WordPress lazy load plugin load more one of the best lazy load wordpress plugin available.

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2. WP Youtube Lyte

wp youtube lyte lazy load wordpress plugin



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