Deep Introduction to Block Themes

Deep Introduction to Block Themes

Over at CSS-Tricks, Ganesh Dahal offers this great summary of the state of block theming. As one of the large majority who hasn’t had the time to follow all the developments in this area of WordPress closely, I found his extensive tour of what’s going on around them quite helpful.

The overarching takeaway for me after reading is that a lot remains unsettled. I particularly took notice of his discussion of how child themes aren’t really supported within the Site Editor way of building themes, because it’s not clear we need them to the teams involved.

As a long time proponent of child themes, the idea that we might be done with them initially took me by surprise. But it makes a certain sense. With (what we now will call) classic themes, I needed to make some CSS and PHP files to modify the way the site looked and felt. Now I can use the Site Editor to do it, so maybe the entire idea of a child theme as a safe place to put my CSS and PHP doesn’t make sense either.

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