Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Blog with Instagram –

Traffic to Your WordPress Blog with Instagram

A core goal for any type of marketing is to build one’s brand authority. In a vastly competitive arena with no limit to the marketing messages audiences are subjected to consuming each day, they often turn to tried-and-tested products and services. Consumers are more loyal to brands they can trust—and so the more trust an individual has in a brand, the higher the likelihood of them giving sales.

96% of the most successful B2B content marketers say their audience views them as a trusted resource. Why? Content marketing satisfies audiences’ informational needs, getting them to learn more about the services a brand provides, why they matter, and what kind of impact they can expect it to have on their lives. That’s why blogs remain an effective marketing tactic for driving traffic to websites even now.

That makes social media the perfect partner for content marketing, especially when it comes to Instagram: a platform tailor-made to attract immediate interest in anything visually exciting for audiences. As the second most-used platform after Facebook, it’s prime ground for brands looking to direct more traffic to their WordPress blogs. Here is how to do it.

1. Use Your Instagram Bio as a Call-to-Action

While an Instagram profile gives little in the way of customization options, there is one key area you should never neglect: the bio. Not only does optimizing your Instagram bio leave space for much-needed keywords for search engine optimization, it can act as a profile-wide call-to-action promoting your blog website.


First: input your WordPress blog as your main website link on your profile. This is the only clickable link you will get on your entire Instagram profile, so make it count. You can either use the link to direct to your blog homepage, or to a specific post, which is recommended if you want to promote either your latest or most popular entries.

Next, add a call-to-action phrase in your bio encouraging visitors to click the link to visit your blog. If you decide to promote a specific post, add the title or topic to stoke more interest. This way, you may attract more readers likely to engage with your post.

Tip: To highlight your link and call-to-action phrase, add emojis or special characters to draw the eye where you want them. Colored arrows are a frequent choice, since a few point directly downwards to the link.

2. Post Useful Excerpts from Each Entry

Give your followers a taste of the blog content itself by sharing excerpts from each entry through Instagram feed posts and Stories. Formatting your hardest-hitting quotes, valuable insights, and practical how-to’s can easily establish your blog as a consistent and reliable source of information.

For Instagram feed posts, it’s just a matter of adding text to an image and placing it into your scheduled queue. The full blog title can then be mentioned in the caption alongside a call-to-action phrase to click the link in



This article was written by Kyla and originally published on WPExplorer.

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