New Enterprise Grade Hourly Hosting Backups (Only $5/m!)

New Enterprise Grade Hourly Hosting Backups (Only $5/m!)

Our enterprise-grade, indestructible off-site hosting backups just got even better – now with a new and affordable hourly add-on. Ideal for your mission critical sites, with high profit margin opportunities for hosting resellers.

For a while now it’s been our mission here at WPMU DEV to be your ultimate web development partner.

We continue to do this by…

  • Providing you with the tools and tech you need to run your business.
  • Pricing our hosting, plugins, tools, and support in an affordable manner, so you can grow your business.

And today, I’m excited to announce another hotly requested feature you can use to immediately improve your own sites and offer to your clients as an amazing premium service.

Hourly hosting backups for you, or your reseller clients!

That’s right, enterprise grade, off-site, hourly backups, with 30 days of restore points for… wait for it…

Only $5 a month!

Hourly hosting backups have arrived at a low $5/m.

It should come as no surprise that hourly backups are hugely beneficial for big sites that are always changing.

After all, having them means you can rest easy knowing that if something goes terribly wrong, you are only ever 59 minutes at most away from a quick restore that fixes it.

They are mission critical for big eCommerce sites, communities, news sites and, of course, have always cost an accordingly large amount to maintain (especially because they also need to be offsite in case of a catastrophic data center failure).

That’s when we had a thought… What if we could make hourly hosting backups more accessible and affordable for our members?

Sky high margins for hosting resellers

Currently, hourly backups are only provided by a couple of other well-known hosts in our space, including the always excellent Kinsta.

However, their price point is much higher… currently sitting at: $100/m with 24 hours worth of data points.

Now, I’m never unhappy to recommend Kinsta, but that’s a hard sell to your clients and an even harder sell for you to markup on.

Whereas with our $5 backups, you can literally charge $25-50/m and then point to Kinsta (or any other enterprise grade hourly backup service… which will be far, far more) and be offering them a bargain.

Wait, how can we even afford such low pricing?

In short: Relentless, research-based, and innovative work.

Also, this is one of those things that simply wouldn’t have been possible 3-5 years ago, so we have a ‘later mover’ advantage.

And, we’re also making a bet here, we’re hoping that this will both not cost us as much as it could (I won’t go into too much detail as to how costs could overreach… bit of commercial secrecy there 😉 and also that having this feature, at this price point,



This article was written by James Farmer and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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