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Cheap Hosting VS Premium Hosting

For individuals and small businesses, saving money where possible is almost a priority. Sure, you need a professional website that comes with premium hosting, but is the higher cost you pay worth it?

Below, we compare the two hosting options to give you better insight and help you make a more informed choice.

Cheap vs. Premium Hosting

Cheap hosting refers to the most affordable hosting offered by host providers. For instance, the cheapest WordPress hosting is predominantly shared hosting, although there are inexpensive cloud and dedicated options too. Premium hosting oftentimes refers to managed hosting as it is the most expensive.

Differences between cheap and premium hosting

Seeing as most of the web hosting features are measurable items, it is easy to make a comparison between the two hosting options.

1. Bandwidth & Storage

Most, if not all, premium hosting options have no limits on storage and bandwidth. In cheap hosting, the bandwidth is throttled, and storage size limited. However, if you are running a lightweight website or you are just starting out, this may not be a big issue.

2. Features

More often than not, the number of features and tools at your disposal are fewer in cheap hosting compared to premium hosting. Cheap hosting restricts your abilities by cutting corners on the advanced features. Most providers use this as a strategy to get site owners to subscribe to the premium plans. To determine if you need Premium hosting, check out the specific features provided, and see if you need them at the moment.

3. Domain Name

Although some providers throw in a free domain name when you sign up for their cheap plans, the domain usually includes the name of the hosting provider e.g., This gives a poor impression to visitors who end up questioning the site’s professionalism.

The custom domain names are typically reserved for premium plan subscribers. The renewal fee is, however, twice the initial registration fee.

Domain Name

4. Performance

Seeing as the cheap plans have limited resources, it is not surprising that the option is almost always unreliable in terms of performance. Providers reserve hosting firepower i.e., fast page loading speeds, stability, uptime, and modern technologies to premium plans.

5. SEO




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