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Twitter Auto Plug Apps

With 83.4 million active Twitter users only in the United States, Twitter is undoubtedly a social platform you can’t afford to miss having your brand there.

As a creator or a marketer, you can use Twitter for much more than simply tweeting your thoughts or promoting your services. One of the recent features by Twitter, called “Twitter threads,” is taking Twitter users by storm, as we are seeing a ton of new features being launched by some amazing Twitter tools.

One such feature is called “Twitter auto-plug,” and in this tutorial, you will learn:

  • What is Twitter auto-plug
  • Some examples of Twitter auto-plug (templates)
  • Best apps to set Twitter auto-plug feature
App Name Features Price
1. Tweethunter Auto-plug
Manage multiple Twitter profiles
Auto DM
Let AI suggest Tweets for you
Delayed Tweet in thread
Auto Retweet
Twitter CRM
$36/month (Unlimited accounts)
2. Hypefury Auto-plug
Post Tweets as Instagram posts
Suggestions for Viral Tweets
$19/month (3 Twitter accounts)
$40.83/month ( 6 Twitter accounts)
3. Typefully Auto-plug
Auto Retweet
Zapier integration
Auto-Tweet numbering
Invite team-mates (Set permission)
$8/month (Single account)
$39/month (Unlimited account)

What is auto-plug in the context of Twitter marketing?

Plug in the context of marketing means: advertising a product, service, or event by praising it on marketing channels.

Auto-plug in the context of Twitter marketing meant automating the promotion of a product. This could be used for:

  1. Gaining more Twitter followers
  2. Promoting your service
  3. Selling your eBooks
  4. Capturing leads via email-marketing

And no prize for guessing, Auto in (Auto-plug) stands for automation.

There are a few automation tools for Twitter that would let you add an auto-plug message to your tweets that are going viral. This way, your advertisement is only seen when your Tweets have reached a substantial audience.

At the time of writing this guide, there are only a handful of automation tools that support the auto-plug features.

Example of Twitter auto-plug that generates leads & sales

If you have been active on Twitter, you might have seen a tweet like the one below after a popular Twitter thread 🧵.

Here are a few examples of Twitter



This article was written by Harsh Agrawal and originally published on ShoutMeLoud.

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