FutureProof Your Website with AVIF Images

Future-Proof Your Website with AVIF Images

Is the fear of slower page load time preventing you from using high-quality images? Are you struggling to compress your existing images without them losing quality? With Converter for Media, you can overcome these limiting factors and efficiently improve your website’s speed.

Converter for Media is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you reduce the weight of your images without altering their original appearance. The plugin allows you to convert images to WebP and to AVIF simultaneously.

Although you can convert images to WebP via Photoshop or other WordPress plugins, the AVIF format is much better and enables you to compress images by an additional about 30% compared to WebP.

But how easy is it to convert images with the plugin? What browsers recognize the AVIF format? In this hands-on Converter for Media review, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and more.

Converter for Media: Overview and Capabilities

If we talk about image compression plugins, most offerings focus on minifying JPEG and PNG images. And while they can help you achieve a faster loading time for your site, they aren’t future-proof, i.e., most aren’t updated/optimized for Google’s Core Web Vitals.  

Core Web Vitals are metrics Google uses to quantity and score a website’s user experience. They’re made up of specific user interaction and page speed elements, with images affecting one of them (Largest Contentful Paint). Serving images in next-gen formats is one of the keys to improving your Core Web Vitals score, and this is where Converter for Media helps.

Converter for Media converts your images to AVIF — the latest next-gen image format to date. The AVIF format is backed by big companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Apple. Displaying images in this format makes for a high-quality user experience — AVIF images have even better quality than WebP images and don’t carry unnecessary weight.

Some notable features of Converter for Media include:

  • One-click optimization. Convert all your images with one click. It’s that easy!
  • No server load. Convert using the company’s remote server. Keep your server free.
  • High level of conversion. Use specially configured tools to achieve better conversion quality.
  • Ready out of the box. No need to touch any script — just install and start using.
  • Image testing. Check how much you can reduce the weight of your images upfront.

It’s worth mentioning that AVIF is currently supported by over 70% of browsers, including Chrome, Opera and Firefox. In other browsers, the images will be used in the WebP or original format. The plugin converts images to AVIF and WebP simultaneously.

Pictures are loaded depending on the browser type of the website user. But the URLs of the images



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