Introducing 3.0: Design System Features, New Theme Builder & Major Performance Improvements

Introducing Elementor 3.0: Design System Features, New Theme Builder & Major Performance Improvements

Elementor 3.0 includes significant improvements to server side rendering processes and to the way Elementor renders dynamic CSS values.

Elementor allows you to incorporate dynamic elements and values in your website. For example, you can create a template for site posts, and decide you want to display each post’s featured image as a background behind the post title.

Behind the scenes, when Elementor prepares a post to be sent to the browser, it scans the post for dynamic values, fetches them, and if they include any CSS values, prints that CSS. This process is “expensive” – meaning it’s time consuming and resource-heavy.

In Elementor 3.0, we substantially reduced the time spent on this process. This is done by storing a list of dynamic values for each post. Once that list has been created, whenever someone visits the post, Elementor goes straight to this list, thus making the process faster and lean. Dynamic values affected by this optimization include background images, colors, and more.

This improvement brings with it a substantial reduction of server loads, time to first byte and, as a result, much faster loading time for site visitors. Noticed a performance improvement in one of your sites? Let us know in the comments.

At Elementor, we consider site performance a high priority subject, and we will continue to improve on that front in upcoming versions.

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