The Best Online Courses to Learn WordPress Development

The Best Online Courses to Learn WordPress Development

Nowadays, even people who hate learning to code can design an excellent WordPress site. There are more and more visual editors creating web pages, forms, galleries, and sidebars. Most of these editors are intuitive, and it takes a few minutes to learn.

Under these circumstances, who needs to learn WordPress development? Does it make sense to take online courses to learn WordPress?

The short answer is a big fat, yes! The long answer is below.

Reasons to Learn WordPress Development

Despite the plethora of visual editors, some particular tasks require the fine flair of a developer. The small details make a big difference, and visual editors still lack the refinement of a developer or designer. If you want to be competitive, a page builder isn’t enough.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of page builders and visual editors. They considerably streamline the life of a webmaster. Much more, I have used plenty of page builders, and I am quite satisfied with them. However, not one has allowed me to have full control over every pixel in a layout.

People are always looking for competent WordPress developers, so that’s another solid reason to learn WordPress development. Coding is mandatory not only for plugin and theme development. You also need basic coding skills to work as a customer support agent, blogger, content creator, and even digital marketer.

While going back to school isn’t feasible for most of us, online courses are handy, cheap, and modern ways to learn. Roll up your sleeves and choose the courses suitable for your skills and expectations.

Courses for Beginners

The Complete WordPress Website Course

The Complete WordPress Website Course – Sadly, there is no miracle when it comes to learning how to code! You learn faster and better only when you practice a lot. The more, the better!

This course targets people who don’t have any knowledge of WordPress. The course comprises 37 hours of complete explanations and seven projects. You won’t learn effective coding, but it’s a mandatory step for beginners to familiarize themselves with WordPress.

Even users who have some WordPress knowledge may enroll in this course. Students will build an online store, a personal site, and a business site. You will learn a lot of useful techniques when building these sites.

WordPress 101

WordPress 101 is a 130-minute class that starts with teaching you how to install the WordPress core and introducing the dashboard and Gutenberg editor. 

This article was written by Daniel Pintilie and originally published on WP Pluginsify.

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