Neve 3.1 “Letea” – See What’s New in Our Flagship Theme

Neve 3.1 "Letea" - See What's New in Our Flagship Theme

Everyone likes it when a product they love and use frequently adds new features. When those features are inspired and demanded by the actual users, that’s the next level of great.

We’ve asked and listened to our users, and today we are thrilled to announce new features in Neve 3.1 “Letea.”

Letea Forest is the oldest natural reservation in Romania. This forest was the initial foundation of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, which has been declared a World Heritage Site.

With wild horses, vines, 700-year-old oak trees, and dunes, Letea is the northernmost subtropical forest in the world.

We’ve prepared a collection of photos for you to see why we love this place so much.

What’s new in Neve 3.1 “Letea”

New features available in Neve:

  • Global options for the single page
  • Global header background

New features available in Neve Pro Addon:

  • Instagram widget for Elementor
  • More components for Header/Footer builder: Divider component and Widget area component
  • Megamenu enhancements
  • More features in the WooCommerce Booster module: Advance product review and Product tab manager

Let’s have a look and see what’s this all about!

Global options for the single page

Page meta options are great, and they get the job done, but now there’s a better way for controlling page headers all over your website.

The controls for the header layout from single posts are now available for single pages too. Whether you want to hide the page header everywhere or you want to replace it with a more complex title, you can now do it in just a few clicks.

Global header background

The global header background allows you to set an image or a color as a background on the entire header, making the UX much more straightforward and with fewer limitations.

Neve 3.1 features

Instagram Widget for Elementor

The Instagram Feed widget is the newest addition to the Elementor WooCommerce Booster module. The widget allows you to bring your feed into your website beautifully and efficiently.

Besides the options that control what the widget will look like on the frontend, you can save the images from your feed directly to the media library. This way, the images are served faster, and there are fewer calls to the Instagram API.

Neve 3.1 Instagram Widget

Divider component

The new divider component gives you a better way to organize the elements in the header. It adds a separator between the elements, and you can customize it any way you want.

Neve 3.1 Divider

Widget area component

The block-based widgets editor introduced in WordPress 5.8 is a huge step forward. The new editor allows users to add blocks to their widget areas using the familiar block editor interface. It gives users a powerful new way to customize their sites using the rich library of core and third-party blocks.

The widget area component gives you the power to render widget areas directly into your website’s header or footer. Any block you want is at your disposal directly in the header or the footer of your website.

Neve 3.1 Widget Area Component

Megamenu enhancements

The gem of this release is by far the megamenu enhancements. The new megamenu enhancements add tons of ways to customize your menu.

This provides a way to add icons before your menu items, and it comes with over 200 icons from FontAwesome, WordPress, and a unique collection of our own.

Neve 3.1 "Letea" - See What's New in Our Flagship Theme 1

You can choose which root elements to have in the megamenu and add up to five columns to it. The columns are customizable, too, allowing you to decide the layout that best suits your content. The mega menu allows you to change each element’s color, making the global colors available there too.

Neve 3.1 "Letea" - See What's New in Our Flagship Theme 2

All these options are combined beautifully, providing the best experience and allowing you to build beautiful menus.

Neve 3.1 Megamenu

Product tab manager

The product tab manager feature gives you the ability to create new tabs for products easily. You can share them among multiple products and reorder using a visual drag-and-drop interface. The best part is that you can build the global tabs with any Gutenberg blocks you want. Besides that, you can have a custom configuration of tabs for products where the global one is not the best choice.

Neve 3.1 "Letea" - See What's New in Our Flagship Theme 3

WP CLI support

This one is for our more technical users. We’ve just added support for WP CLI, allowing you to control Neve Pro’s dashboard with commands in the terminal.

wp neve activate {license_key}
wp neve module activate custom_layouts

Those are just two commands that you can write in your server’s terminal. The first command will activate your license in the blink of an eye. The second one will enable the Custom Layouts module. For a complete list of available commands, you can run this:

wp help neve

What else?

Neve has improved a lot since the last major release. Here are a few features we want to mention:

“Jump to page” blog pagination type

By default, WordPress post pagination will only display a few pages. It might become a problem for blogs with many posts.

This pagination type provides a way to navigate directly to whatever page you want.

Header / Footer builder improvements

We’ve added lots of improvements to the header/footer builder. Here are the most important ones:

  • alignment option to the mobile sidebar row setting,
  • vertical alignment option for each footer row,
  • rows border.

WooCommerce Breadcrumbs

You can now replace the breadcrumbs on WooCommerce pages with one from your favorite SEO plugin.

Font variants

We introduced font variants options so that you can have complete control over the fonts on your website. It doesn’t matter which browser you are using. The font variants will help you see the same result, leaving no space for interpretations.

What’s next?

We are currently working on other features, like custom thank you page or post type enhancements. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, so we won’t tell you more at this time!

Our users inspire us. We don’t see any value in having features that no one wants. If you have any ideas about improving Neve or Neve Pro, you can leave us a suggestion on We can’t promise we’ll implement your request, but we can promise that we will read your message and take what’s best from it.

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