Principles of Website Design Every Web Professional Should Know

Principles of Website Design Every Web Professional Should Know | Elementor

In 1910, Max Wertheimer, a psychologist, observed a series of lights flashing on and off at a railroad crossing. Although it appeared as though a single light moved around the marquee between bulbs, it was really a series of bulbs switching on and off.

This observation formed the basis for a set of principles regarding how we visually perceive objects. One of them is the law of Prägnanz, which recommends using simple structures and avoiding complex shapes.

Your users will interpret your design using the least cognitive effort possible. Complex images will be perceived in their simplest forms. Reducing cognitive overload should be an important part of your design goals.

You can apply this principle by grouping and aligning elements into relevant blocks, columns, and sections, instead of throwing them all over the page: 

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