21 Real Estate Affiliate Programs That Will Make You A Fortune

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There’s no doubt that you can make a decent amount of money with the real estate industry– at the very least. 

With internet use booming and 92% of all real estate buyers looking for both sound advice and good real estate online, affiliate marketing in real estate niches is an excellent way to make money.

The value of the real estate industry as a whole is $268 trillion, which is not surprising if you think about it. 

But couple that reality with the fact that 5.3 million homes were sold in the US in the last year alone, and you see the opportunity of making a fortune joining real estate affiliate programs.

And I’m here to help you seize that opportunity.

Although there are several real estate affiliate programs, good ones are too few and too far between.

I’ve hand-curated a list of the best real estate affiliate programs in the industry, but before I give you a rundown, let me briefly walk you through the different types of programs and layout the possible niches you could target.

Types of Real Estate Affiliate Programs

One of the more common tasks for affiliate marketers in the real estate niche is to sell a piece of land. 

But marketing commercial spaces can be a lot easier. Commercial real estate includes retail stores, offices, malls, restaurants, and hotels. With a few good pictures and a solid description, generating leads should be a breeze.

Industrial real estate affiliate marketing programs fetch massive commissions, but they also require smart marketing. You will be in direct contact with distributors and must sell factories and warehouses.

Residential real estate is a niche many are familiar with – marketing houses and apartments is a little easier and also fetches excellent commissions.

These are the four niches that come under the real estate affiliate programs umbrella directly. 

There are also affiliate marketing programs that require you to find clients for firms that provide financing and mortgages for real estate buyers.

Real estate management companies and companies that fix and upkeep properties also pay high commissions for affiliates that bring them clients. 

Top 21 Real Estate Affiliate Programs 

#1 All Things Real Estate

Realtors stay hip and require accessories and signs to make their offices feel professional yet welcoming. Accessories can also make properties look attractive. 

All Things Real Estate supplies professionally designed accessories like bottle tags and key tags. The company also provides striking banners, flags, directionals, yard signs, and shoe signs.

While they also provide high-quality journals and stationery for realtors, the company specializes in top of the line apparel that looks amazing and sells great.




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