SliceWP: Manage Your Affiliate Program with WordPress

SliceWP Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Running a WordPress website is a hard nut to crack. Other than designing the entire thing and adding content, you must manage your site, and most importantly, drive traffic to your site.

Now, marketing is challenging for WordPress site owners. If you don’t know your way around SEO, you must invest in paid ads. If that’s not your cup of tea, you must reach out to other sites and write a ton of guest blogs just to get the word out.

In other words, marketing a WordPress site successfully can drive you crazy unless, of course, you have other people doing it for you. Here’s where an affiliate program comes in.

An affiliate program is like having a sales team, without actually having a sales team. What I mean is you have people marketing your products/services, but you only pay up when they make a successful sale.

Typically, businesses hire an entire sales team or buy adverts, but either method is costly. An affiliate program on the other hand is quite cost-effective. You only pay your affiliates once they make a sale. If the affiliate doesn’t make the sale, you don’t pay a single dime.

But creating the perfect affiliate program is an uphill task especially if you cannot code to save your life. That’s where an affiliate plugin such as SliceWP – the subject of today’s review – comes in.

SliceWP is a brilliant WordPress plugin that helps any website owner, beginner or experienced, to create a robust affiliate program that works on autopilot. If you want to add an affiliate program to your marketing strategy, SliceWP offers you exactly what you need.

Without further ado, let us get started because there is a lot to cover.

What is SliceWP?

So, guys, what’s this animal we’re calling SliceWP? And what does it do exactly? Well, SliceWP, as we’ve hinted in the intro, is a WordPress plugin that helps you to create an affiliate program. It only works with WordPress, meaning you can’t use the plugin to create an affiliate program for other website builders such as Wix or Squarespace.

The brainchild of two brothers – the Mihai’s – SliceWP is a lean and uncluttered affiliate marketing solution meant for online stores and membership sites built on WordPress. Unlike many affiliate marketing solutions currently in the market, SliceWP is easy to set up and use. It comes with beautiful user interfaces that you and your affiliates will love.

Still, the plugin offers you all the features and options you need to run and manage an affiliate program like the pros. Whether you need to pay your affiliates in bulk or grow your business with detailed reports, SliceWP offers you just the tools you need to soar high like an eagle.

Love the simplicity and the ease of use of SliceWP. I managed to set it up very quickly and everything works like a charm! – Roland Murg from WP Booking System

I took the plugin for a ride and I was quite impressed. On top of the core plugin, you also get a ton of amazing add-ons



This article was written by Freddy and originally published on WPExplorer.

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