Let’s Talk About Divi 5.0 And The Future Of Divi

Let’s Talk About Divi 5.0 And The Future Of Divi

Today I am going to talk about some of the big Divi updates that we have been working on. This is going to be a long post with a lot of information! If you just want the cliff notes, here they are:

  • We are working on Divi 5.0, a rewrite of Divi’s core technologies that will serve as our springboard into the future.
  • Divi 5.0 is a foundational update focused on performance, stability, scalability and extend-ability.
  • It will ship with a new API that will empower our team and the Divi development community to build better features, faster, and with fewer bugs.
  • In the meantime, we are expanding our team to provide you with even more value during this transition.

Now for all the details 👇

We Are Building A New Foundation For Divi

About a year ago we began transitioning our development team over to a multi-year project, Divi 5.0. Right now the majority of our team is focused on this momentous endeavor that will define the future of Divi.

You might have noticed that Divi’s feature development pace has slowed down over the past year. That’s because as each new feature for the current version of Divi was finished, the team members involved were transitioned to the Divi 5.0 team. A project with a much longer time horizon.

Divi 5.0 is what we are calling the “Foundation Update.” It’s a complete rewrite of Divi’s core technologies, re-imagined for the future and built using all of the knowledge and experience our team has acquired over the last nine years building Divi.

Now, as Divi inches towards its 10th birthday, it’s time to take a step back and build a new foundation that we can propel ourselves forward from once again into the next decade.

Divi 5.0 is focused on performance, stability, scalability and extend-ability. It’s going to be a lot faster. It’s going to be future-proof and built for the direction that WordPress is heading. It’s going to ship with an API that gives developers incredible freedom. It’s also going to be backwards compatible and non-disruptive to Divi users.

In fact, when you update to Divi 5.0, you won’t notice much of a change from a UI perspective. We aren’t adding a bunch of new features in Divi 5.0. That’s not the goal. At first glance, the Divi Builder is going to look and function the same way that it does now (with maybe a few cool new things snuck in here and there), but everything behind the scenes is going to be vastly improved, and those improvements will manifest themselves in several significant ways.

Improved Performance And Scalability

Performance and scalability are the focus of Divi 5.0. We are greatly improving the snappiness of the Visual Builder, the speed of front-end page loads, and the ability of Divi to handle very large and complex designs.

Recreating the Visual Builder gives us the opportunity to make fundamental



This article was written by Nick Roach and originally published on Elegant Themes Blog.

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