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Tips For Creating Content To Attract Leads

Creating content is very important. It attracts people and helps to solve your audience’s problems. Many people don’t understand the importance of free content. If you tell somebody who is not involved in an online business that you make a bunch of money from your blog, they will not understand how you can make money simply by writing a blog.

Why is creating content important?

Providing value to the marketplace is one of the most effective marketing strategies ever. Millions of people every day look on the internet for the answers to their questions. By writing free content on your blog you can answer people’s questions and attract them to your product or service. If your content helps somebody, automatically that person will get attracted to the source. So, no matter what type of business you are running, you can provide value to attract new customers or team members.

Best ways for creating content

The best way to create content on your blog or even on social media is to learn new things. If you haven’t heard of ILT or Invest-Learn-Teach, let us explain it. You invest your time and/or money to learn new things so you can teach what you learned to people who have questions about some specific topic. For example, you can learn how to prospect cold markets. Buy some courses, talk to people and learn the approach for cold market prospecting. When you learned the approaches and strategies you can teach them to people who have no idea how to approach the cold market. Pretty simple isn’t it? Remember that you don’t have to become a Master of something to be able to teach it. You can start teaching soon after you learn something. You simply just pass the knowledge you learned and people will appreciate you. 

How to know if your content is good?

You can never know if you don’t start creating content. Many people have great knowledge to share, but they don’t do it because they are afraid that they are not good enough and that no one will like their content. Remember that even if you are not sure if your content is good or not, there is always gonna be someone who knows less than you and will thank you for sharing your knowledge. Just start providing value, down the road you will get better and better so there is no reason to be afraid of providing value.

Value = Helping Others = Money = Helping Even More People

The guy with the WordPress logo T-shirt is writing a blogYou need to understand that Value = Helping Others = Money = Helping Even More People. Successful entrepreneurs understand that solving people’s problems makes their bank account bigger. If you want an amazing lifestyle and if you want to contribute to others instead of focusing on money, focus on helping others. Find your target market’s problems and provide a solution by answering their questions. This is a formula for a 6,7 figure income. When you think about the amount of money you can earn, think about all the people you can help with that money. For example, you become 7 figure earner and you want to change your lifestyle. You buy a new house with a pool and of course, you buy a new car. Many will think that it will not help anyone and that these are just the wishes and toys of a rich man.

Think a little bit about it. New house, pool, and car, you get happy by those things but at the same time, you are making other people happy as well. Let’s explain it this way: you buy a new house so you help the realtor make a sale and earn a profit. You get the pool and you help the company that will build that pool for you, later a pool cleaning service will earn money as well because you will be calling them from time to time. New car! Wow, you help the company that made cars, also it will help a guy who sold you this car and you help people keep their jobs at gas stations because you always need to buy gas for your car so the gas station earns money and can pay their workers weekly.

As you can see by buying the “toys” you help so many people, so why don’t we all think this way? Instead of focusing on the money, focus on the value and ask yourself how many people you can help when you start earning more.


Through this article, we have tried to encourage you, but at the same time motivate you to start doing what you have been dreaming about for a long time. Overcome your fears and be driven by the desire to succeed. Remember, success is always outside our comfort zone!

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