Tips and Tricks That Help You Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Account –

Tips and Tricks That Help You Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Account

With almost 2.5 billion users and an average 30-minute daily time spent on Instagram, the platform is certainly huge. Your Instagram account should be catchy and aesthetically pleasing. You can make it look good by defining your brand personality, visual identity, and colors. You need to optimize your bio and upload high-quality pics and videos. You must also post attractive, relatable content that keeps your audience engaged.

Search for trending topics to discuss but also use your hashtags strategically. An aesthetic Instagram account is not only visually attractive but also enhances your brand recognition. Here are tips and tricks to help you increase Instagram engagement and maximize the benefits.

How to scan your Instagram account to determine its weak points

Your Instagram QR code is important whenever you want to share information and do follow-ups. Apart from working as an engagement booster, it is also useful for the security of your account. Its data is encrypted and is only opened by a proprietary scanner. The code has different uses in your account.

  • Combating counterfeiting
  • Confirming identities
  • Detecting fraud
  • Keeping your data confidential
  • Scanning the weak areas in your account

Quality images play an important role in your account. If you want to increase Instagram engagement, upload quality photos. The ideal photos should be 1080px X 1350px. The recommended file formats include JPG and JPEG images. There are different ways to convert PNG to JPG to get better-quality images. You can either export your file or use an app to convert it. You can then add them to your account to optimize your bio and boost engagement.

Another way you can scan your account and keep yourself safe is through third-party apps. Beyond that, allow multiple-factor authentication and keep your login activity in check. You can use an authentication app from your account. Open your profile and select Settings and Privacy. In the Accounts Center, tap See more followed by Password and Security. Go to Two-factor authentication and enter the authentication details.

Another method that you can use is Instagram’s Security Checkup feature. Once activated, you can use it to scan login activities, and account sharing, review your passwords, and optimize your bio. On your profile, open Your Activity to view recent activities.

How to improve your visual content on Instagram

One of the Instagram hacks to use is to upload fascinating photos. They capture attention and increase Instagram engagement and followers. You should ensure you upload photos with a solution of 1080px. To improve images you may consider converting your photos to JPG. Here are Instagram hacks to improve your Instagram visual content.

Stick to a specific color and mode

One of the important Instagram engagement boosters is your page and profile color. Although you should create relatable content, your color choices should attract good responses from your followers. You may experiment with several colors but settle with one.

Format your content well

Whether you shoot photos and videos or download your visual content, ensure you format it well. If your content design is poor, it will not attract engagement. Use apps or design software to improve images and other content before you upload.

Understand what is trending

Instagram trending topics change fast and you need to keep with the pace. Keep your eyes on your account to know the trending topics. Also, use Instagram analytics to get reports.

Optimize your visuals with text

You need to create relatable content but also understand the Instagram hacks that will boost engagement. Text is an engagement booster but you need to use it sparingly. It makes the goal of the video or photo clear and enhances action.

Add your logo whenever necessary

Your logo is your brand personality and improves awareness and loyalty. Add it wherever necessary to remain relevant.

How to improve text content on your Instagram page

Your Instagram visuals should include short text to explain what your visual is about. It helps you to create relatable content for your followers. Use different Instagram hacks to help you improve the impact of text on your images and videos.

Optimize your text with SEO. Use SEO-friendly keywords in your text to improve search results.

Use a larger font size. Avoid fancy fonts but choose larger text to quickly capture the attention of readers.

Use optimized hashtags. To optimize your hashtags, add trending topics but stay relevant. Use Instagram analytics to understand the volume of posts each hashtag has attracted. Arrange your hashtags based on brand, location, industry, and followers.

Optimize your bio. An optimized Instagram bio enhances engagement. Improve images for your bio and add a CAT to enhance action. Share your story and tag related accounts.

Be keen on your voice tone. Your voice tone should sound friendly but also relatable to the target audience. Understand the audience you want to write to and choose a language and tone that resonates with them. If your tone feels offensive, your followers might disengage from your page.


How to get the most out of Instagram analytics

Instagram analytics are tools that provide you with a detailed overview of your account success. They use different metrics such as total views of your posts, time your followers are most active, gender, location, and clicks. You can use Instagram analytics to increase your page engagement and follower actions.

Post when your followers are most active

Use Instagram analytics to know the best time when your audience is most active. Post at that time to get the most views and engagement on your page. You will likely achieve the highest visibility and sharing. Based on statistics, most people use their accounts during lunchtime breaks, afternoon breaks, and in the evening. Use good timing and post your content around these timeframes.

Create relatable content

Instagram analytics can help you get an idea of trending topics. Create content that resonates with your followers based on the analytics report. Relatable content attracts greater engagement, sharing, and UGC. It pulls more traffic to your website and could boost interaction with your products.

Track your audience’s behavior

Instagram analytics can help you understand your audience’s behavior. You can know which content they are viewing most and the actions they are taking. This can help you create personalized content that attracts action. Many people use keywords to search on Instagram. A larger percentage might use hashtags or find places and people to access videos and photos.

Experiment with different content types

You may create different types of content to experiment with which one will perform better. After posting them, use Instagram analytics to generate a performance report and use best-performing content. Examples of content include Reels, Stories, videos, live recordings, Feeds, quotes, questions, and testimonials. Know when to each type of content and the audience to target.


You can use your Instagram page to build a strong brand awareness with your audience. You should keep your account updated with the latest and trending content. Regular updates increase the visibility and engagement of your page. You should post new content several times a week to help your page stand out. You can make your account aesthetically attractive by customizing it for your followers. Choose a theme to post and decide on the color scheme to use. Use quality visuals and add SEO-optimized text.

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