WordPress Hosting vs WooCommerce Hosting: Key Differences Explained!

WordPress Hosting vs WooCommerce Hosting: Key Differences Explained!
  • By Colin Newcomer
  • May 1, 2021

If you have a WooCommerce store, hosting is going to play a pivotal role in your store’s success.

At a basic level, your hosting will affect how quickly your store loads and whether your site experiences any downtime or slowdowns (which are killers for eCommerce stores). But beyond that, hosting that’s optimized for WooCommerce can also give you features, tools, and benefits that help make your life easier and help you build a better store, especially if you’re just getting started with WooCommerce.

But here’s the thing — not all WordPress hosting is optimized for WooCommerce. When you’re choosing hosting for your WooCommerce store, there are some important differences to consider between going with any old WordPress host and going with a WooCommerce host.

In this post, I’m going to dig into the differences between generic WordPress hosting vs optimized WooCommerce hosting so that you know why some hosts are better than others for hosting WooCommerce stores.

To do this, I’ll touch on some of the unique considerations you need to have when hosting WooCommerce stores, as well as some real examples of how certain hosts have built these optimizations into their offerings.

By the end, you should have a better idea of the features to look for when hosting a WooCommerce store, as well as why your average WordPress host (or even a good WordPress host) might not be the best place for a serious WooCommerce store.

What Is WooCommerce Hosting? A Quick Explainer

Before we get into the details, I first just want to start with a little explainer to set the stage because some people might be confused that I’m making a distinction between WordPress hosting vs WooCommerce hosting.

This can be a bit confusing because, at a basic level, virtually all WordPress hosting is capable of running WooCommerce. That is, if you can install WordPress on a host, you’ll also be able to install WooCommerce because WooCommerce is just a plugin for WordPress.

For that reason, the distinction between WordPress and WooCommerce hosting isn’t anything to do with the basic server requirements. Instead, it’s more to do with the features, performance optimizations, and benefits you get on top of those basic WordPress hosting features.

With that in mind, we could define WooCommerce hosting as something like this:

WooCommerce hosting is WordPress hosting with added performance optimizations, features, and benefits that are specifically targeted to WooCommerce users.

So in this comparison, I’ll really be highlighting



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WinningWP.

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