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Want to give your users a great experience with your website? Create a unique design for your website with one of these great WordPress themes for your website.

Only gambling is growing insanely in popularity these years. More and more countries are liberalizing their gambling laws, which is enabling users all over the world to use online platforms to do online gambling.

With new technologies, the players are being introduced to new and more advanced features for their online gambling experience. They are making the games more and more engaging as they are adjusting to the new technological revolutions in the e-gambling industry. For instance, at USonlinecasino.com you can see how online casino guides are providing the users with both rankings and ratings of the best-licensed casinos. Furthermore, they provide information about gambling news, strategies, and popular games.

So, gone are the days where casinos could be completely offline and separated from the internet. Even though players might prefer the classic physical casinos, a lot of users consult the internet when they want to find information about the casino they are about to visit. Therefore, we have collected some of the best WP themes you can use to build your casino website.

Poker Dice – Casino Resort & Hotel

This theme is optimized for casino resorts and hotels that wish to have an online presence. It’s easy to use and contains cool features that’ll give you an impressive, eye-catching website that will appeal to your future visitors. You can add slideshows that will showcase your casino resort and show all your best features.

If you want to attract visitors of different nationalities, you can also easily add multiple languages to your website. In this, you can translate the different subpages at your websites into any language you can think of. And finally: This theme is optimized for search engines, so you can attract visitors from online searches.

Mercury Lite

If you want to give your website the touch of a blog, you can consider using Mercury Lite. This is a free theme that is built for web pages to keep its users regularly updated with the latest news in your field.

On the homepage, you will find a floating menu with the latest, most important news. In the header, you can easily guide your users towards other information about your business. So, if you want to start up a blog and share your best gambling tips with your readers, this could be a good pick.


This is the more advanced version of Mercury Lite for you who want to have better control over the look of your website. These themes are optimized for any kind of website related to casinos and gambling. You can pick between multiple presents and customize these themes so the website will fit your exact needs.

It’s specially optimized for casino affiliate programs that you can easily integrate as widgets to your website. No matter if you are into poker, sports betting, or other kinds of gambling.

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