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WordPress Themes for Movie Streaming

Whether you want to create a website of movie reviews or a library, there are WordPress themes available to help you create movie streaming sites. These WordPress themes provide you with various types of pre-built demos, as well as tools to help layout the foundation of your website.

Creating a website has become easy now, thanks to the various types of WordPress themes available in the market. You no longer have to sit back and start coding for your website from scratch. You can simply choose a theme, drag, and drop your desired features, and you have your website ready.

Here are 5 WordPress themes you can choose from for creating a movie streaming website. Movies like ThopTV and their clones are becoming very popular, and they all use WordPress and themes from the ones we have mentioned below.


AmyMovie helps you create a movie streaming website through WordPress. It offers two range of themes for your website. You can use a static image as the first impact image of your homepage, or you can use a slider that boasts of the unique content on your website.

Other than the two options, the theme has seven category page designs for your website. With the help of this feature, one can arrange the movies in a specific order. The great thing about Amy Movie theme is it has the showtime feature, which allows the visitors to select the film they want to watch, just like using Netflix, and access their screening times.



Moview is unlike Amy Movie, it helps people set up a movie streaming website, but it has many built-in features. For example, with Moview, one can easily integrate many social media apps. Other than incorporating social media apps, the theme also helps one to add a discussion forum. A forum comes in handy when it is a Movie review website.

Moview also has plugins for e-commerce. It means if you want to sell your products, you can also do so through the WordPress website. One can use the inbuilt free bbPress plugin or the woo-commerce plugin to get the online store going.



Blockter is often used when one wants to create an interactive TV show or movie streaming website. It has only three homepage designs available. But the page builder tool helps the user to customize the page accordingly.

This theme promotes interaction because viewers can easily log in to the website using social media accounts. And they can leave their reviews and comments on the movies and TV shows on the site. The layout of the website can be either in the listicle form or in a grid format. There aren’t more formats available. But if one is skilled, they can use the page builder tool to improve the look of the website.



Magplus is one of the best themes for news or entertainment websites. It is an excellent option for movie streaming websites because it has got a range of designs. One is spoilt for choice with 40 different designs at the disposal. You also have the option of using various layouts of publishing the blog or review of a movie. There are 25 distinct layouts for that as well.

Moreover, there are 12 website header layouts, the 26 slider designs, the 20 exclusive widgets, and the ten-footer structures. This shows that Magplus has a diversity of options one can choose from. A movie website will never look dull and boring with Mag plus, that’s for sure.



People use JNews streaming for more than movie websites. That’s why it has got more than 120 homepage layouts in the JNews theme package. One can choose from a variety of designs. What’s incredible about JNews is one can customize a website according to their taste.

It doesn’t matter if you are using JNews in China or the US; one can publish the content in any language. It has a multilingual plugin ready, giving you the ability to publish your site and its content in more than one language.


There are other WordPress themes for movie streaming websites like Vodi, which is similar to the theme used by Prime Video, and Filmax. But here are the best ones to help you build your own movie website with the help of WordPress.

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