Aleyda Solis about international SEO on The Yoast SEO Podcast

Aleyda Solis about international SEO on The Yoast SEO Podcast • Yoast

Joost de Valk

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Aleyda Solis

International SEO Consultant & Founder Orainti


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In this episode

This episode offers you a deep-dive into the mechanisms behind Search Engine Optimization. Aleyda Solis (founder of Orainti and co-founder of is an SEO consultant, author, speaker, and remote working enthusiast. She is an expert when it comes to getting found online by the right audience. In this episode, Aleyda will share her broad (international) SEO knowledge including tactics for optimizing your local or multi-language website and videos.

A glimpse of the discussed topics:

  • The future of remote working now working from home has become a necessity for some of us
  • How SEO is evolving into a general marketing strategy
  • What to take into account when striving for better video results
  • Difficulties regarding optimizing your website for local and language-based search

Enjoy this episode!

Transcript of this episode

Joost: Hello everyone. And welcome to the second episode of the Yoast SEO podcast. Where we interview people who are friends of Yoast the company, or Yoast the person or preferably both. Well, both are definitely true for today’s guest. Today we have with us, Aleyda Solis who’s an international SEO rockstar. I can not say anything else. She’s been a good friend for years. She comes to us from somewhere in the North of Spain. Welcome Aleyda!

Aleyda: Thank you. Thank you very much for having me, Joost! Yes, all the way from Santander.

Joost: Santander! So, you just said before we hit record that you’re relatively close to the beach. I’m somewhat jealous now. 

Aleyda: Yes! That is one of the positives here. It’s a small city and actually nice because it’s surrounded by mountains on one side and then I have the beach like 500 meters from here, so it’s quite nice. Not a bad place to be in lock down. 

Joost: Yeah. So the funny thing is I’ve discussed remote work a lot with Aleyda in the last five, six, seven years. And I’m not necessarily a fan of remote work. Well, Aleyda definitely was a fan of remote work, but I didn’t think you were a fan of remote work at home. Were you? 

Aleyda: Yes indeed. I was used to this. I think for me, remote is about being in control. Location independence, right? It’s about acknowledging that work does not need to happen in a given place that you don’t necessarily want. You are able to work from whatever you feel like. 

But realistically, unfortunately right now it is not like this. We need to be stuck at home because of COVID



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