BackupBuddy Feature Spotlight: Restore Plugins, Themes, WordPress Version and Individual Files

BackupBuddy Feature Spotlight: Restore Plugins, Themes, WordPress Version and Individual Files

BackupBuddy is the original 3-in-1 WordPress backup plugin. Not only can BackupBuddy handle complete backups of your WordPress website, it can also help you restore your website (or parts of it) with just a few clicks.

BackupBuddy recently introduced an all-new way of doing website restores, right from your WordPress admin dashboard. This way of restoring your website is great for reverting back to previous versions of individual files (like your style.css or functions.php file), or even entire theme or plugin versions, from a previous backup.

In this post, we’ll cover how to use BackupBuddy’s WordPress restore so you’ll always have some extra peace of mind when it comes to getting your site back if something ever goes wrong.

Ways You Can Restore a WordPress Site with BackupBuddy

Here’s a few ways the restore feature in BackupBuddy can be useful:

How to Restore a Backup from Your WordPress Dashboard with BackupBuddy

Note: In order to restore, you’ll need to have a recent backup! Make sure you are setting up your backup schedules to run automatically or perform a manual backup before you begin making changes or running updates on your website.

From the BackupBuddy > Backups page in your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the Restore tab.

Find the backup file that you will be using to restore.

You can click the Details link to reveal more information of the backup, including the status of the backup (Good/Bad). Depending on the type of backup, you’ll also see the BackupBuddy version, WordPress version, total files, backup size and backup type of the backup.

Back on the Restore tab, you can select either Restore Files or Restore depending on the type of restore you need to perform. Let’s move on to a few different types of restorations you may want to perform.

How to Restore Individual Files with BackupBuddy

Say you’re making changes to your theme’s design but you realize you need to revert back to a previous version of your stylesheet. Or maybe you made changes to the functions.php file and need to go back. Maybe you accidentally deleted an image file from your media library and need to get it back.




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