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The 11 Best Facebook Plugins for WordPress - Blog Tyrant

et’s face it: Facebook has a massive audience. If you want to increase your blog’s readership, you’re going to have to start using it.

How big is Facebook? Nearly 2.5 billion people are on it, including nearly two-thirds of all U.S. adults. That makes Facebook a great place to grow your blog audience.

Many people use Facebook to grow their readership since it’s easy for people to share your posts with their friends and family. Chances are, they’re interested in the same topics as your readers, so you’ll gain new readers without doing any work yourself!

To encourage your readers to share your WordPress blog content on Facebook, you’ll need to install a Facebook plugin.

We’ve gathered a list of the top Facebook plugins that’ll help your readers share your posts with a single click, make it easy for you to publish your posts on Facebook, and more.  

Before we dive in, let’s find out more about Facebook plugins and how they can be helpful for your blog.

How Does a Facebook Plugin Work?

Facebook plugins are WordPress tools that help integrate your blog with your Facebook account. There are a few different ways they can do that.

  • Facebook Share Buttons: You can use them to display a Facebook share button on a post or page without writing any code. When a reader clicks the share button, your post is automatically shared on their Facebook timeline, making it visible to their network.
  • Publish Your Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook: Once your post is live on your site, these plugins will automatically publish it on your Facebook page, making it easier to spread your content out to your readers.
  • Embed Your Facebook Feed on Your Blog: These plugins will embed a Facebook feed on your blog site, usually on a page or in a widget in the sidebar. This is a useful option if you’re also running a Facebook group or company page, so you can ensure that your readers see all of your posts and comments.

We’ve included all 3 types of plugins in this round-up, so you’ll be able to pick the one that suits your needs best.

But do you really need to use a Facebook plugin on your WordPress blog?

We’re a little biased about plugins in general, but we think they’re a good idea when it comes to promoting and getting your content seen by as many people as possible. A Facebook plugin can really help your content take off with your desired audience.

Why You Should Use a Facebook Plugin on Your WordPress Blog?

Like it or not, Facebook is hugely popular. It’s an easy and straightforward way to get your blog seen by more people.

Here are a few more benefits to using a Facebook plugin on your WordPress blog.:

  1. Free Marketing: When your readers



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