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12 Best WordPress Table Plugins for Creating Responsive Tables - MyThemeShop

The best thing about WordPress is, you can extend its functionality by simply installing a WordPress plugin. It is the simplest way to equip your site with more features. This means you don’t need to code countless hours just to implements simple things on your website.

There is no doubt that putting content in a tabular form makes it easy to be skimmed by the users. Though you can create tables in WordPress by simply using HTML codes, the best way is to implement the same by installing a good WordPress table plugin on your website.

Since nowadays, responsiveness plays a major role in ranking sites on the search engine, we did in-depth research to find the best WordPress table plugins available on the web.

After going through countless hours of research and reviewing multiple WordPress users on different WordPress forums, we have cherry-picked the twelve best WordPress table plugins using which you can implement responsive tables on your website.

Using the right table plugin is very important. You should also try to use the star rating in your tables. Since the inception of Google Rankbrain, it tries to find more relevant and related content on your website. Using star ratings in the table can increase the chances of your website showing up in the search engine results page and Google rich snippets.

This means using the right table plugin, you can bring more users to your website. You can pick one of these plugins to create visually astounding tables on your website.

Best WordPress Table Plugins of 2019

Let’s understand what each plugin brings on the table. We will learn more about their features. In most of the cases, you’ll have to use a simple shortcode in the content, which would then fetch the table in the content when the same is published.

1 TablePress

The TablePress plugin is the top-rated and widely used table plugin on WordPress websites. It is one plugin that comes with a variety of features which made it popular among webmasters in a very short period of time.

The best part about TablePress, you can use its shortcodes to add table literally anywhere on your website. Adding to the awesomeness, you can export/import tables to be used on multiple websites. This will literally save a ton of your time if you are managing more than one website.

It also includes some of the advanced features like sorting, pagination, filtering in a simple but intuitive interface.

Though the plugin is mostly responsive, you might have to add an add-on to make it totally responsive. Also, if you have decent HTML/CSS knowledge, you can create visually appealing tables by doing some minor modifications.

The best way to use the plugin would be to utilize its features for creating comparison tables, product specifications for Amazon affiliate sites, pros and cons, etc.

Key Features:

  • HTML Support inside the tables
  • Simple to use interface
  • Use shortcodes of other plugins (e.g., Shortcode Ultimate plugin)
  • Import from Google Sheets, CSV, and Excel
  • Export to Excel, CSV, and PDF
  • Responsive table to fit different screens
  • It is a regularly updated plugin

Price: Free

2 WP Table Builder


It is one plugin that has the feature to make mobile responsive tables. You can create a table in a few clicks by using the drag and drop interface. The main idea was to make it beginner-friendly so that even a newbie blogger could use the plugin with ease.

Using the plugin, you can insert five different types of elements in your table- List, Button, Text, Star Rating, Image. The interface is so simple that it lets you add and remove columns and rows with a few clicks. You can also alter the width and height of the column and row.

The best part is, using the star rating in your tables can increase the chance of ranking in the Google rich snippets. This way, you would also be able to drive more traffic to your website.

The WP Table Builder is a widely used WordPress plugin for creating comparison tables, Amazon product specifications tables, menu tables, and more.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop interface for easy implementation
  • Shortcode feature to add tables
  • Mobile responsive to fit multiple screen size
  • Add/delete/modify rows and columns
  • Five different elements to embed in the table

Price: Free

3 Posts Table Pro


You might find it both funny and weird if we tell you that the Posts Table Pro is a plugin that creates tables without manual data entry from your end. Yes, it is absolutely true.

The plugin generates tables based on existing WordPress posts, custom post types, and pages.

This also gives a room to visitors to decide how many rows they want to be displayed on a page as they can also filter the post by using a category or tag.

Additional filters can be implemented by using simple shortcodes. The plugin is good for adding visually appealing but easy to skim content.

Key Features:

  • You can display any post, page and custom post
  • The tables can be filtered, sorted and searched
  • The plugin offers a responsive look and design
  • It also allows you to add multimedia files like video and audio
  • You can display WordPress posts in HTML Tables

Price: Free and Paid. The free version can be downloaded for free from the WordPress repository. The starter plan starts from $69 to $219. You can also purchase the lifetime version, which ranges from $199 to $649.

4 Ninja Tables


Using Ninja Table, you can create multiple types of dynamic tables on your WordPress website. It is a widely used plugin as it makes creating tables in WordPress very comfortable. The interface is very user-friendly, and thus, even a beginner would be able to create stunning tables by just watching the quick tutorials.

The best part, you don’t need any additional add-ons to make the tables fully responsive. The plugin itself has the capability to create responsive tables that would adjust to multiple screens size, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

The plugin equips you of multiple table designs, built-in custom schema, predefined schema, and custom CSS. Since Ninja table plugin is a better version of most of the other table plugins available on the web, you can expect it to have the basic features like pagination, sorting, and filtering.

Using simple shortcodes, you can create tables in a very user-friendly way on your WordPress website. You can use the Ninja plugin to create a table for product specifications, Amazon product reviews, product catalog, product comparisons, etc.

Key Features:

  • Easily filter and sort data in the table
  • Import/Export tables to use on another website
  • Filter table using custom values
  • Duplicate tables in a click
  • Pagination for easy blending with your website design
  • Easy configuration for getting started
  • Easy integration with Google Sheets
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce
  • SEO friendly as the content can be picked by Google as a rich snippet
  • Bordered table
  • Multiple table colors and customizations

Price: Free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. Single site license for the Pro version starts from $49 and goes till $399 for the unlimited site lifetime license

5 League Table


The League table is only available as a paid plugin but is power-packed with a ton of features to create those amazing tables on your WordPress website.

Since it is a premium plugin, the interface is designed to be user-friendly so that you can create table rows and columns easily.

It is one of the best WordPress table plugins and for a good reason as it offers you more than 135 customizable options to configure tables on your website.

Key Features:

  • Includes sortable columns, filtering, and colors
  • Easily import/export tables so that you need not create tables from scratch
  • The spreadsheet editor makes it simple for your manage tables on your website
  • Multisite support makes you use the plugin on multiple sites.
  • You can integrate multi-language support by using a transition file
  • You can do mathematical formulations inside the table
  • Easily insert HTML and JavaScript code into the cells
  • Has a responsive interface to support the different screen size

Price:  As mentioned the League table plugin is only available as a paid version which costs just $23

6 wpDataTables


It is a basic tables plugin which would be the best for you if you don’t use tables on your website that frequently. Though for extensive use, you can purchase its paid versions as well, the free version would suffice if you want to make simple looking tables on your WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Easily import data from CSV, Excel, and JSON
  • The frontend and backend looks quite similar
  • Easily implement tables anywhere on your website by using simple shortcodes
  • User-friendly simple interface
  • Support from the WordPress community and the plugin developers

Premium Features:

  • Easily display data from multiple databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL.
  • Responsive tables to fit multiple screen size
  • Create huge tables in minutes. The operations are handled by the MySQL server.
  • Advanced filter and search option
  • Highlight the important rows, columns, and cells
  • Create charts from Tables. The premium version uses engines like Highcharts, Google, and Chart.js for the same.
  • Perform calculation in the table

Price: The Free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. The premium version is from $59-$249/year. You can also purchase the lifetime version, which would cost you $189-$589 depending on the plan you choose.

7 WP Table Manager


The WP Table Manager is a table plugin developed by JoomUnited. If you are looking for a plugin that can actually help you visually stunning tables on your WordPress blog, WP Table Manager might be the right choice for you.

The plugin provides you with pre-built themes of different styles. You can implement a style of your choice and create an awesome table on your website. All this, without any coding and technical knowledge, seems pretty daunting for a beginner and a newbie.

The plugin supports the new Gutenberg editor as it has two blocks to insert the tables. Apart from this, the plugin automatically integrates with Google Sheets and Excel files.

Key Features:

  • You can easily edit on an interface which is similar to Excel
  • Theme styles can be customized according to your preference
  • You can easily import data from sources like Google Sheets, Excel, WordPress database, etc.
  • Easily integrate and synchronization with Google Sheets and Excel
  • Perform numerical summation, counts, average operation in the tables
  • Create charts from your table by integrating it with charts.js
  • You can modify the cells using the WordPress visual editor
  • Advanced users can use the custom CSS code to change the table design

Price: It costs $34 with six-month support and $39 with one year support

8 Data Tables Generator by Supsystic


Many of you won’t believe that there could exist a table plugin that provides premium features but at zero cost. The Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is one WordPress table plugin that would definitely amaze you with its features.

First of all, it is a free plugin that allows you to create powerful responsive tables on your WP website. You can interactively experience on your site as the plugin helps you to render graphs and charts.

Also, if you use really long and huge tables on your website, it might be a perfect table plugin as it can load huge tables on your website by making use of Server Side Processing.

Key Features:

  • Basic features like filtering, sorting, pagination
  • It is one of the best responsive table builder WordPress plugins
  • Includes HTMLsupport for your tables
  • Easily enable or disable the table header, caption, and footer
  • Play with font size, color customization and features like bold, italics, etc. to emphasize the text in the cells
  • Import data from sources like Excel, CSV and Google Sheets
  • Export into formats like Excel, PDF, and CSV

Price: It is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository

9 Magic Liquidizer Responsive Tables


Transform simple-looking HTML tables into visually appealing responsive tables by using the Magic Liquidizer Responsive Tables plugin for WordPress.

The main idea to use this plugin is to avoid instances like- text going out of the screen, text size too big to appear to the mobile screen, etc.

Today, when having a responsive website is a basic need to rank better on Google and other search engines, it is very important to validate that every component of your website content should be responsive and that it fits good on devices with different screen sizes.

Key Features: 

  • Gives a responsive outlook to texts, forms, navigation menu, images and tables
  • Convert your HTML output to responsive designs
  • Good for SEO as the tables could be fetched as Google rich snippets
  • Support for both portrait and landscape view
  • Easy to activate and use for a newbie
  • A lightweight plugin that won’t make your site buggy

Price: Free to download from the WordPress repository

10 JTRT Responsive Tables


The main reason why most of us use WordPress for creating our website is that we don’t want to deal with all that techy and geeky HTML and CSS code to manually design a website from scratch.

Talking about creating a responsive table manually, it could take a beginner countless hours to manually code the whole thing in HTML and CSS. This is where the JTRT Responsive Tables plugin comes to the rescue.

Using the plugin, you can create simple tables on your website without dealing with any coding and technical stuff.

Key Features:

  • WYSIWYG table editor in the backend
  • Use the numerical formula in the table
  • Convert CSV to responsive HTML
  • Add links and images within the table
  • Custom shortcode for easy implementation
  • Edit Cell font-family, font-weight, font-size, text-decoration, font-color with a few clicks
  • Custom borders and alignment for cells
  • Easy sorting, pagination, and filtering
  • Multi edit/multi-select cells
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Edit the background of the cells

Price: Free to download

11 Visualizer Tables and Charts


This freemium plugin has been developed by Themeisle. It offers both free and paid versions.

Using the plugin, you can implement animated charts, colorful diagrams along with basic tables. Overall, this plugin would solve the features for which you would otherwise have to download several other plugins.

Using the free version itself, you can create and manage different types of charts and interactive tables in your pages and posts on your website. You can extend the functionalities of the plugins by purchasing its premium version.

Key Features:

  • Create basic responsive tables
  • Manage and embed charts and graphs on your website as the plugin uses Google Visualization API, ChartJS, and DataTables.net
  • Lightweight plugin for your website
  • Support from Themeisle and the WordPress community

Premium Features:

  • Easily import data from charts
  • Live editor to edit data
  • Six additional different chart types (Polar Area, Timeline, Gauge, Candlestick, Radar/Spider, Combo)
  • Auto synchronize with your files online
  • Private charts could be created
  • Multiple users can edit the charts
  • Create charts from your WordPress pages, products, and posts
  • Priority support through email
  • 1-year free updates

Price: Free version could be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. The paid version starts from $59.

12 MCE Table Buttons


The MCE Table Buttons is a free, lightweight table plugin for WordPress. It is simple to activate and use. Just download, activate, and start creating tables for your website.

The plugin at the time of writing this post has more than 100,000 installations. Since it is a basic plugin, it doesn’t take much space on your server.

Key Features:

  • The plugin adds a button in your WordPress editor so that you can create tables in real-time without having to deal with multiple tabs or windows
  • Since everything is done in the WordPress editor, you won’t need any shortcode to implement tables in your posts/pages
  • You don’t need to know HTML, CSS or any other programming language to use the plugin
  • You can easily insert or delete tables button and add/merge cells
  • The interface is clean and beginner-friendly

Price: Free


Using the right WordPress table plugin is very important in today’s scenario, especially when you also want to drive more organic traffic through search engines.

All the above-listed plugins are picked to bring you the most authentic and exclusive list of the best plugins so that you can create responsive tables on your website.

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