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12 Best WordPress Table Plugins for Creating Responsive Tables - MyThemeShop

The best thing about WordPress is, you can extend its functionality by simply installing a WordPress plugin. It is the simplest way to equip your site with more features. This means you don’t need to code countless hours just to implements simple things on your website.

There is no doubt that putting content in a tabular form makes it easy to be skimmed by the users. Though you can create tables in WordPress by simply using HTML codes, the best way is to implement the same by installing a good WordPress table plugin on your website.

Since nowadays, responsiveness plays a major role in ranking sites on the search engine, we did in-depth research to find the best WordPress table plugins available on the web.

After going through countless hours of research and reviewing multiple WordPress users on different WordPress forums, we have cherry-picked the twelve best WordPress table plugins using which you can implement responsive tables on your website.

Using the right table plugin is very important. You should also try to use the star rating in your tables. Since the inception of Google Rankbrain, it tries to find more relevant and related content on your website. Using star ratings in the table can increase the chances of your website showing up in the search engine results page and Google rich snippets.

This means using the right table plugin, you can bring more users to your website. You can pick one of these plugins to create visually astounding tables on your website.

Best WordPress Table Plugins of 2019

Let’s understand what each plugin brings on the table. We will learn more about their features. In most of the cases, you’ll have to use a simple shortcode in the content, which would then fetch the table in the content when the same is published.

1 TablePress

The TablePress plugin is the top-rated and widely used table plugin on WordPress websites. It is one plugin that comes with a variety of features which made it popular among webmasters in a very short period of time.

The best part about TablePress, you can use its shortcodes to add table literally anywhere on your website. Adding to the awesomeness, you can export/import tables to be used on multiple websites. This will literally save a ton of your time if you are managing more than one website.

It also includes some of the advanced features like sorting, pagination, filtering in a simple but intuitive interface.

Though the plugin is mostly responsive, you might have to add an add-on to make it totally responsive. Also, if you have decent HTML/CSS knowledge, you can create visually appealing tables by doing some minor modifications.

The best way to use the plugin would be to utilize its features for creating comparison tables, product specifications for Amazon affiliate sites, pros and cons, etc.

Key Features:

  • HTML



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