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Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress with Spotlight - WP Mayor

This week we’re proud to launch Spotlight – a brand new Instagram feeds plugin for WordPress. It joins our family of WordPress products and services together with WP RSS Aggregator (the no.1 RSS feed plugin for WordPress), and of course, WP Mayor.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a WordPress Instagram feed plugin that adds your Instagram feed to your WordPress site. You can display your posts, videos, and stories directly on your website for visitors to enjoy and engage with.

With Spotlight, you can display your Instagram feeds in different layouts anywhere on your site. The shortcode and widget can be used on any page or post, as well as any widget area on your site. The block is on its way too.

Display your feeds anywhere on your website

Why use Spotlight for Instagram Feeds?

Instagram has become one of the most (if not the most) widely used social media platforms.

Displaying your feed on your website adds instant social proof for your service, product, or blog. Showcase your likes and comments to add authenticity and credibility with minimal effort.

Using Spotlight will also help you channel your website traffic towards your Instagram account. This is a great way to socialize and connect with your audience in a more personal way while increasing your traffic and gaining new followers.

Your Instagram feeds will finally keep your site fresh, vibrant and current!

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Leverage your Instagram content

Instagram is a great way for site visitors to interact with you on a more personal level. Add your feed on your website to get started.

Free Download

What makes Spotlight special?

Getting started with Spotlight is easy and fast. You can connect to your Instagram account in two clicks and start designing your feeds straight away.

Connect your account in seconds

Multiple accounts? No problem! With Spotlight, you can create several feeds sourcing posts from multiple accounts, be they personal or business.

One of the main features that sets Spotlight apart is its live preview customizer. No matter your WordPress knowledge, you can easily customize any amount of Instagram feeds within your WordPress dashboard and see the changes happening live – no coding required!

Design your feed using the live preview customizer

The plugin is easy to use and comes with straightforward and familiar design options to help you design your Instagram feeds to perfectly match your brand.

The free version includes a beautiful grid layout that can be easily customized to create a wide variety of feeds. The PRO version (launching in Summer 2020) will also include Masonry, Highlight, and other layouts.

Spotlight makes it easy for you to customize your feed to seamlessly integrate with and match your theme’s styling. You can also set your images to open up in a pop-up or lightbox, or within a new or existing tab.

Open your images in a lightbox

Growing your audience is an integral part of Instagram. With Spotlight, you can easily add a “Follow” button to the top or bottom of your feed (or both). In this way, you can direct your audience directly to your Instagram account with just one click!

Spotlight is fully responsive and ready to go. In short, your Instagram feeds will look stunning on any desktop, tablet, or mobile. If you want to go one step further and alter the look of your feed for each device, Spotlight gives you this ability to do that by customizing the design options per device.

Customize your feed for any device (responsive)

Most importantly, Spotlight is fast and reliable. The plugin was developed using the same technologies as Netflix and Instagram and incorporates dynamic loading on the front-end to make sure your page-loading times are not affected.

Spotlight also has its very own caching system to ensure that your Instagram feeds are always backed up and visible on your website at all times. So even when Instagram is experiencing some down-time, the feed on your website will work perfectly until a fix is found.

What’s in store for Spotlight PRO?

As I already mentioned, we are busy at work on the PRO version of Spotlight! It is set to be launched very soon and comes with a number of great features!

Apart from the additional layouts, Spotlight PRO enables you to display user-generated content using hashtag and tagged feeds. These are perfect for Instagram campaigns, contests, events, and more!

Hashtag and Tagged feeds

Instagram stories are increasingly becoming important in your marketing or brand strategy. They allow you to get to know and interact with your audience. Spotlight PRO will let you display your stories directly on your website, just like they work on Instagram, in order to increase engagement with your site visitors.

Lastly, Spotlight PRO will also enable you to filter and moderate your Instagram feeds to only show the posts you want. These options let you filter through unwanted posts using caption and hashtag filters, or you can hand-pick the posts you want to show or hide using the powerful visual moderation mode.

Filtering & Moderation

Add your Instagram feeds today

Spotlight can be found on the WordPress directory and you can start using it right now. Just go to your website’s Plugins page, click on the “Add New” button, and search for “Spotlight Social Photo Feeds” (or “Spotlight Instagram feeds”).

Once you see the Spotlight plugin appear (as seen below), click on the “Install Now” button to start adding your Instagram feeds.

Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress with Spotlight - WP Mayor 2

But wait right there, we’ve got an exciting offer in store for you!

If you sign up through spotlightwp.com, you can lock in an exclusive 20% discount on Spotlight PRO at launch!

Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress with Spotlight - WP Mayor 3

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