Jes Scholz on SEO beyond Google Search – The Yoast SEO Podcast

Jes Scholz on SEO beyond Google Search - The Yoast SEO Podcast • Yoast

Joost: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the Yoast SEO podcast. I’m joined today by my good friend Jes Scholz who has a job title that I keep forgetting, so she can explain that herself, for a company that I can’t even pronounce properly, which is even worse. So Jes, can you do all that work for me? 

Jes: Sure, I’m international digital director at Ringier. Which essentially means that I help set out marketing strategy for our media brands, our classified brands and bunch of other miscellaneous ones.

Joost: Ringier is quite a big brand, but I think not a whole lot of people that listen to this podcast will actually know what it is. So can you explain? 

Jes: It’s kind of the brand behind the brand. So where the mother company of Blick, which is one of the large news portals in Switzerland, we have operations in Africa, in Asia and Eastern Europe. So it’s around 200 brands that we’re in the background of. 

Joost: Yeah, basically classic media gone online, right?

Jes: Yeah. We take the newspaper and we put it online. We take the classifieds, we put them online and then we do some smaller startup stuff and e-commerce stuff, but the bulk of it is news lifestyle publishing and classified portals. 

Joost: Okay. If I think about your competitors, which is probably not something you want to talk about, but who should I be thinking about?

Jes: Naspers, Schibsted. Axel Springer is not a competitor, but it’s a similar business model and we have partnerships together, those sorts of companies. 

Online marketing in markets without access to Google and Apple

Joost: That means you’re active in a whole lot of countries all over the world. Does that change your view on how you do marketing?

Jes: It adds complexity to the way you do marketing. Because when you’re working in developed markets, you’re thinking Google Chrome, and you’re thinking Apple. Then you get to Africa and all of a sudden there’s a thing called Opera Mini, which is the bane of every developer’s existence ever, but you can’t ignore it. Or you go to Myanmar and people say, no, I don’t have the internet, I have Facebook. And you just want to facepalm a little bit at that. 

Joost: Yeah because they have the Facebook Basics or whatever is that called that Facebook has rolled out there?

Jes: Yeah. Like 90% of your sessions will come from Facebook. It is their internet. They don’t really didn’t have that Google phase that everybody else has had. So they’ve leaped far off social media as a primary search engine, and then kind of coming back into the space of Google and discovering you can have websites and there’s other platforms there. It’s not all just content on Facebook, which is very interesting, that helps you shape how you’re interacting with those platforms and how they then factor into your distribution strategies. 

Joost: It is



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