Kinsta vs. WP Engine: why the first option is much better

Kinsta vs. WP Engine: why the first option is much better

Looking into Kinsta vs. WP Engine?

Kinsta has awesome feedback in the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group. They use Google Cloud C2 servers which performed faster than WP Engine in multiple speed tests. Support is one of the most attractive things about Kinsta as reflected in their 4.7/5 star TrustPilot reviews. The MyKinsta dashboard is user-friendly and integrates features like KeyCDN, server-side caching, and analytics. The main downside is Kinsta’s limit on PHP workers and visitor counts.

WP Engine went downhill in recent years which is a result of them being heavily influenced by GoDaddy and EIG. Their servers have gotten much slower as reflected in speed tests, support has gotten worse, and their TrustPilot reviews have also gotten worse. The cheapest plan only allows 1 WordPress install and instead of CPU limits, they allow you to go over your usage and overcharge you an unknown amount. Top it off with expensive prices and it’s just not worth it.


1. Speed – Kinsta vs. WP Engine Performance Tests

I tested Kinsta’s Starter plan vs. WP Engine’s Startup plan.

After setting up new domains and installing the same Astra Starter Site and plugins, I measured key metrics in multiple speed testing tools. While both Kinsta and WP Engine’s average TTFB were similar (264ms + 274ms respectively), Kinsta’s average load time was significantly faster.


In the Pingdom test, Kinsta loaded in 628ms and WP Engine loaded in 1290ms (a 662ms difference). Each website’s load time is the average of 336 individual Pingdom tests (7 day period at 30 min. check intervals). For load times, Kinsta was almost 2x faster than WP Engine.


Kinsta Reports

Kinsta TTFB GTmetrix
Kinsta TTFB KeyCDN
Kinsta vs. WP Engine: why the first option is much better 1



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