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.com vs .net – Choosing the Right Domain Extension - MyThemeShop

It has been 28 years since the internet was introduced to us. Before then, internet startups found it very difficult to connect to their potential prospects.

The main marketing channels were prominently newspaper, television ads and by word of the mouth.

Since its introduction, this 28-year-old lovely creation called the internet has revolutionized how business is conducted.

Nearly 100 million startups and small entrepreneurial businesses are opened each year. From them, 90% have their business on the internet.

The very first problem which mostly all startups encounter when they are planning to conduct their business on the internet, is, which domain extension to choose along with their domain name? This could be a tough choice to someone who is not a tech-savvy.

Predominantly, we have two major domain extensions, which is .net and .com, we have others too such as .org, .co, .uk, .gov, etc. .com and .net are more commonly in use and are referred to as top-level domains (TLD).

When it comes to choosing the right domain, this could be problematic, but the best answer is choosing the right domain is subjective. It depends on what kind of business you want to conduct on the internet, but the short answer is; go with .com, it has global recognition.

Are .com and .net the only domain extensions?

The most widely known domain extension is .com and .net. Do you know that there are more than 800 domain extensions, and many are still coming up, but .com and .net seem to be the only two which most of the people in the world know about.

It is important for everyone, especially startup business owners, to understand what a domain is before they start to conduct their business on the internet. A domain is simply a location on the internet with a unique address sharing a common suffix or under the control of an organization/government.

A top-level domain is just the part of the domain name that comes right after the dot, such as com, org, etc.

.com vs .net – Why are they popular?

Going far back, this has something to do with when they were registered. The first domain ever registered was symbolics.com from a company called Symbolics Inc. However, the first domain name created was nordu.net

These two are not widely popular just because they were registered first and second, but also because of their differences in terms of how they are used, which we will get into in a bit.

.com vs .net – What is the Difference?

Choosing the perfect domain between these two really boils down to what you intend to use them for, and we will discuss each in detail.

What is a .com domain?

If you ask most people in the world today, to name five websites that do not have the .com extension, we bet you, they will stutter. Some might not even be able to name a single one. Though, they can name countless websites with a .com extension off the top of their head.

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