All in One SEO is Now a Part of Awesome Motive!


All in one SEO is arguably one of the best SEO plugins in the market. It’s been around for as long as I can remember, and despite tough competition from Yoast SEO, All in One SEO has its own legion of loyal users.

Last night, the WordPress community and the 2 million+ AIOSEO customers were surprised with the news that the popular plugin has been acquired by Awesome Motive, the company behind WP Beginner, OptinMonster, and WP Forms.

The entire AIOSEO team has joined forces with Awesome Motive following the acquisition except for the plugin’s founder, Michael Torbert.

Syed Balkhi, Owner of Awesome Motive, also announced that he’ll be adding more team members to the SEO plugin team to deliver an even better experience to its customers.

What Does This Acquisition Mean to AIOSEO Users?

Personally, I think the plugin is going to get even better. Syed Balkhi and his team have ample experience in buying amazing tools and growing them beyond their potential. OptinMonster, WP Forms, SeedProd, and RafflePress are examples of the tools that have seen immense success under Awesome Motive.

Many AIOSEO users, though, will undoubtedly be a little skeptical of this move. There has been no reason to switch to another plugin up till now, thanks to AIOSEO’s consistent performance. But Balkhi addressed the hesitation by ensuring users that they’ll keep getting the same level of performance as before.

“With exception of Michael, the entire All in One SEO team joined Awesome Motive. This means that you are still being supported by the same talented people.

On top of that, we have added more team members from Awesome Motive that will be working on the All in One SEO project (including myself).”

We can’t really say what the future holds for AIOSEO and its users, but what we can say is that the SEO plugin is in safe hands, and we can only expect great things from Awesome Motive for all the AIOSEO users out there.

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