10 tips to improve the quality of your page

10 tips to improve the quality of your page • Yoast

Camille Cunningham

Camille is content manager at Yoast. She writes and optimizes blog posts and enjoys creating content that helps people understand and master SEO.

Is your page not attracting the number of people you thought it would? Or are you wondering what you can improve to get your page higher up in the search results? And to get people to stay on (and come back to) your site? There are a few things you can do to give your page a better chance at performing well. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can determine which pages could use some extra love and what you can do to turn them into high-quality pages!

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You may already be familiar with SEO and have a few pages that just don’t perform the way you would want them to. Or perhaps you’re not that experienced with SEO (what even is SEO?) and dread the thought of having to master it. In that case, we would like to assure you that it’s not that hard when you know the basics.

It is important to realize that SEO can have a huge impact on your business and online findability. It’s not just about using the right keyword a few times, search engines nowadays look at the whole picture. That’s why we’re such fanatic advocates of Holistic SEO. But before we go into that, let’s discuss how to determine the quality of your pages and which ones you need to work on.

How to determine the quality of your page

It’s important to determine which pages need improving and in what order. It can be tempting to just get started with the first page that comes to mind, but take some time to work out how your pages perform. This helps you prioritize and decide on what page needs your attention first.

Have a look at the metrics

You probably know your audience to some degree, but it’s unlikely that you know exactly what they want. Or how they search online and navigate through your site. Even if you have a hunch or hear from them regularly, make sure to look at the data to validate what people do on your site and where you can improve. A great tool to do this is Google Analytics.

Visitor_Insights_Dashboard_by_Yoast_-_AnalyticsA Google Analytics Dashboard showing site data

Google Analytics gives you access to lots of data about your site. It can tell you how many people visit your site and where they’re coming from. But also, which pages are being



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