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In the current days of cut-throat competition all around, it’s difficult to make your presence felt in sales and marketing. But if you follow a meticulous approach to selling and presenting yourself in front of clients, you can get success.

First, to excel in your sales career, you must develop the skills required for the job. This is especially true since sales are not everybody’s cup of tea. Your sales plan must be achievable. Don’t make an unrealistic plan that cannot be achieved in a market overcrowded by producers of similar goods or services rendered by others.

There are many competitors engaged in similar products and services. To stay in the competition, you must make your sales plan worldly, which you can achieve. You can also use business cards for sales-related purposes.

According to the New York-based corporate research group Market Research Future, the global demand for digital cards is rising rapidly in sales and promotion-related work. The survey says the digital business card market was valued at USD 148.35 billion in 2022. The industry is projected to grow from USD 164.95 billion in 2023 to USD 389.3 billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7% during the forecast period (2023–2022).

You need to develop a few qualities to emerge as a successful salesperson.

Here are 9 important success tips to become a good salesperson:

  1. Profit from Social Media: Your success as a salesperson greatly depends on your social media use. Digital platforms can grow your presence among thousands of people who search for them before sourcing a commodity or service. You can effectively build rapport if you develop a personal bond with them using social media.
  2. Skill of Conversion: A successful salesperson should be able to convert a larger part of trade queries into sales. To do this, you should develop skills in business conversion. You must try to have a one-on-one relationship so that they can procure the service or buy goods from your company due to personal rapport and bonding.
  3. Know Your Product, Service: If you cannot explain the details of the finished commodities or services, you cannot convince the prospective buyer to buy. This factor makes it imperative that you know more and more about less and less of the goods and services you sell. Without product knowledge, you will remain a half-baked salesperson.
  4. Develop Strong Public Relations Skills: Interpersonal skills can help you greatly bond with prospective customers and create a wide live network. You should use your electronic business card to widen your links with existing customers, customers in the pipeline, and prospective ones. Regular digital communication with them can be of much help.
  5. Develop the Art of Communications: If you get into the details of the functional part of sales, you will realize you are communicating with a diverse group. Each of them requires a special type of communication. For example, you may communicate with a housewife, a working woman, a student, or an office manager. Here, the levels of communication have to differ. Their age group, gender, profession, and educational level would vary. For this reason, you should also develop an individual-based art of communication.
  6. Study of Projected Market Demand: If you work for a patisserie, you know that the demand curve for confectionaries, cakes, pastries, and similar items will grow on certain dates like Christmas, year-end, and New Year’s Day. After projecting what the demand is likely to be, you can harness your marketing skills accordingly. This projection factor of market demand is common to most commodities and services.
  7. Develop negotiation skills: This is very important for a successful salesperson. Those who make business queries might say the price of your company’s finished products and services is not competitive as they can procure the same by paying lower prices. Here, your negotiation skills can play their most crucial role. You can negotiate the price with the prospective customers and settle a deal at a price suitable both for the customer and you.
  8. Develop the Persona of a Jolly Person: No one would like to talk to a person who is rude, critical, and has a sad look. However, customers would be attracted to people who have cheerful, jolly, and upbeat personalities. You should always be in a good, jolly, and cheerful mood while talking or dealing with a customer. Your personality always facilitates more business. You can convince a person to zero in on your product or service if you are a salesperson of a sweet nature.
  9. Be a Patient Hearer: You must listen to others and listen carefully. If you keep talking, you create the wrong impression on the listener. For this reason, all good salespeople should always be good listeners. A prospective buyer may have many questions or queries. Let them bring them out first. After this, you must make your points clear to them. This can greatly impress them.
  10. Carrying Business Cards: Over the last few years, business cards have been key in promoting businesses and generating new leads. Any prudent salesperson won’t want to miss out on any opportunity to create new leads. A salesman must always carry digital business cards and show them to prospective clients at meetings or formal face-to-face interactions. Cards always make a good impression for a long-lasting rapport.



Sales and business platforms are fast turning digital. This has given great importance to sales data analysis. You can analyze your sales figures for a given period if you are a good data analyst. Your analysis can help you understand how many people you have approached for sales of a commodity or service, how many of them they will buy from in the future, and how many of those people became your paid customers. This means an analysis of a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sales approach and actual conversion into business took place. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the above tips and take your salesmanship to newer heights of success.


I used to write about games but now work on web development topics at WebFactory Ltd. I’ve studied e-commerce and internet advertising, and I’m skilled in WordPress and social media. I like design, marketing, and economics. Even though I’ve changed my job focus, I still play games for fun.


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