Various tips that will help strengthen your gaming potential and understanding of the features of Fortnite –

Various tips that will help strengthen your gaming potential and understanding of the features of Fortnite

Players who choose Fortnite will begin their gameplay in a full-fledged battle royale shooter that relies not only on active matches, but also on a special building concept that is used by all players.

The project was implemented in a slightly cartoonish graphics format, but in general, Epic Games added dynamics to all matches so that players could play their games faster and receive accelerated Fortnite boosting.

Personalize your settings

You shouldn’t immediately build your gameplay using the standard internal settings that Fortnite offers you.

They are aimed at average players who are not very familiar with the shooter format, to give them a more or less enjoyable gameplay at the beginning of their game.

For more experienced players, it is recommended to personalize the settings and, first of all, the sensitivity of the mouse.

The fact is that shooters really don’t like high sensitivity, due to the fact that your sight will constantly miss the enemy’s head due to the high speed of the sight movement.

The lower the setting, the more effort you need to make to move, but the pointing accuracy will be much higher.

To understand the difference, just go into training mode and try shooting with a value of 5 and with a value of 1.

fortnite game

Master construction and practice it constantly

Fortnite is known for its unique mechanics, which allows you to accumulate various resources and use them to build fortifications.

This can be wood, stone and metal, and you need to collect all of them in order to have access to the construction mode anywhere on the game map.

You need to train not only the ability to quickly find these resources, but also to build very quickly in any situation, activating all the necessary interfaces and pointing at the right places on the game map.

Buildings will save you from a lot of damage, but they can also be destroyed, and you need to quickly build new shelters and at the same time destroy enemy ones.

The most experienced players who have a good boosting rank in Fortnite are primarily sharpshooters and good builders.

Learn the map and key points

Game maps in Fortnite are not so large and there are not so many of them that you have a reason to be lazy and not learn their main features, taking into account the fact that your Fortnite boosting directly depends on this.

Start with the basics – figure out all the best landing spots, usually there are three types.

Popular ones are large points that have a lot of resources to start with and for which there are always battles between the most ambitious players at the start. These are dangerous zones that require good shooting skills and an understanding of the basic mechanics, otherwise you will simply die quickly and be sent to new matches.

Such points usually have many buildings for collecting resources and may even be a small town.

Medium – usually these are zones of several houses, where players with minimal competition land and there it is possible to more safely collect everything necessary to continue the match without strong risks and collisions with large groups of opponents.

Small – usually these are remote points with a minimum of resources, but quite safe; few players want to risk the location so much relative to the possible reduction of the arena and a small amount of resources to start the game.

The game map will always shrink to a random location, but if you stay away from the edge of the map initially, you will have many more options for moving and surviving in the desired area.

Master tactics

In survival games, where your Fortnite rank boosting is at stake, you need to master tactics and initially plan your actions, at least in general terms.

Consider your landing point based on the above options and your sense of your own strength.

After you obtain your starting weapons, you can begin your movement during the match.

You can choose a safer format in which you choose a distant point and wait until the bulk of the players kill each other to begin their movement during the first contraction of the playing area, which is needed to force all gamers to move and fight each other, rather than They just sat on the sidelines without risking their lives.

You can choose a more risky format and attack enemies in areas where they congregate, but be prepared to start new matches often, at least until you learn how to do it correctly.

Learn the main features of the game map’s landscape, especially key places where you can set up ambushes and get extra kills using cover and simply during your survival.

Use different weapons

In Fortnite, you will never know what weapon you will get next, so it is advisable to be able to shoot with any of them.

You can master pistols, shotguns, automatic weapons, sniper and assault rifles to use them at the right stage of the match.

The most effective, of course, are considered assault rifles, which, regardless of the level of value, are capable of inflicting stable and universal damage on the enemy at any distance.

The pistol and shotgun are most often the very first weapons in a match that the player will come into contact with.

A shotgun will help you kill enemies at close range, which a pistol can do just fine, but at long range they are quite ineffective.

A sniper rifle is great for catching and destroying enemies at long distances, and especially those who are quickly trying to reach a safe zone and are a vulnerable target that does not use cover.

The assault rifle remains a universal weapon with good damage at any distance without an advantage in power, but with good accuracy.

You need to strive for legendary level equipment, which has the highest damage, but chance will decide everything.

Some will be lucky to get it right away, while others will be looking for it throughout the match.

Don’t forget about grenades and traps, which can cause good damage with certain accuracy and skill in using them. Place a bomb at the entrance to a building, and an inattentive enemy will have a chance to step on it and die.


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