True White Label WordPress Hosting Now Available From WPMU DEV

True White Label WordPress Hosting Now Available From WPMU DEV

Your secret’s safe with us. Reselling WPMU DEV just got easier thanks to some new behind-the-scenes tweaks to our platform. Learn what those tweaks are and how to white label our hosting.

White labeling has been a big deal at WPMU DEV for a while now.

Our freemium plugin Branda gives you the power to completely rebrand WordPress, with over 30 modules for customizing your WP admin, front-end, widgets, and utilities.

Then there’s the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin, which you can use to banish the superhero branding from our plugins and make them totally your own.

You’ve also been able to prepare beautiful and professional white label reports that keep your clients in the loop and demonstrate the ongoing commitment you have to their sites.

And now, with the recent introduction of The Hub Client and some additional tweaks to our hosting (more on that soon) – white labeling and reselling WPMU DEV Hosting is easier than ever.

How easy? Read on to get a look at the current hosting white labeling process, and what it looks like for you and your clients.

Skip Ahead:

Starting with two new and simple adjustments that make white labeling DEV Hosting a whole bunch easier.

New WPMU DEV Hosting White Label Features:

1.White Label Temporary Hosting Domains

Up until now whenever you created or cloned a site on WPMU DEV hosting, it was automatically given a temporary domain along the lines of: “”

Not particularly ideal when handing over a new site you’ve set up, especially if you’ve white labeled the rest of their experience.

To solve this issue, now all temporary domains across both The Hub and The Hub Client are automatically created as: “” 

Discreet, with the added benefit of a name that essentially describes what the URL is. Win-win.

A nice, new white labeled temp domain.

2.White Label Email “From” Address

When it comes to white labeling, an important thing to note is that the email system for The Hub Client works slightly different to the regular WPMU DEV Hub.

When a new user invite is sent from The Hub, the email is sent from “[email protected],” or “[email protected]”

However, emails sent from WPMU DEV hosted Hub Client sites use our default address.

For example, your client handover process may have gone something like this:

  • You design, develop, and create a new site for a client (or maybe you’re giving them access to your Hub so they can create sites themselves).
  • You send them an email inviting them to view and access their new site.

They’d then see the “From” address at the top of the email showing: “[email protected]”




This article was written by Rick Crawshaw and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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