5 Web Design Trends for April

5 Web Design Trends for April 2022

Written by

Carrie Cousins

April 28, 2022

Last Updated on April 28, 2022

There’s always something new to try with your digital designs. WordPress web design trends can include anything from color or typography refreshes to functionality upgrades.

Here are five great trends that will keep your WordPress website looking fresh.

1. Hero Cut-Ins

Hero images and videos have traditionally been in rectangles. And that’s it. Designers are breaking that trend with hero image and video cut-ins that break the shape thanks to CSS. Just check out this example from KMZ Industries.

You might not even notice this trend until you start looking for it. But what you’ll start to see is that many hero rectangles have corners cut out to create other shapes and add content adjacent to the hero without having to put a lot of text or other user interface elements on top of the hero.

  • Why it works: This design element is nice because it creates a new place to look on the screen. In the example above, you are drawn to the white triangle that’s part of the hero area because of the great contrast between it and the video above.
  • How to use it: Use this design trend to highlight key information by taking it out of the image. The whitespace will draw the eye to this content area quickly.

2. Dynamic Content

final layout

Dynamic content is any content entered on your website that is not static. Often it is used to add a level of customization or personalization to the design. And users love it.

For example, when a user is logged in and reviewing their account on your site, they are viewing their own account information that is dynamically pulled from the WordPress database rather than statically entered in a post or page.

The number of websites using dynamic content seems to be growing by the day because it makes every user experience feel unique. (It’s also pretty easy to do with Kadence.)

  • Why it works: Users want customized web experiences and dynamic content can help fill that need.
  • How to use it: There are certain types of content that work best for a dynamic interface: content that fits in the same container, a massive volume of content, content that’s location-based, content that changes frequently, design with complex layouts, and designs that change often.

3. Broken Typography (Rules)

broken typography

One of the things that’s great about looking at WordPress design trends is that you can see when traditional rules are broken. Many designers are doing that right now with typography as shown in this example from MAMA.

Look at the different ways these rules are broken in the example above, yet it is still a great design.

  • Hyphenated words in the hero – minus the actual hyphen
  • Letters that are cut off
  • Words that are tilted on the side
  • Text elements that extend across multiple elements (image and background)
  • Why it works: This trend is effective because it is still readable and striking. You can break the rules if the text is still understandable.
  • How to use it: This style works best with only a few words and in limited use. There are really only three words to read in the example above, and that has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the design.

4. Magazine Blog Style

5 Web Design Trends for April 2022 1

For WordPress sites with a blog, the magazine style is a trendy way to feature content and keep your blog organized at the same time.

For a modern take on the magazine style, you’ll want to design a feel that uses nice images as well as headlines and a bit of introduction text or an excerpt. All of these elements will help engage website visitors. You might even try a dark mode style, such as the travel blog starter template example above. (And if you like that look, you can download the theme from Kadence.)

  • Why it works: This type of blog design works because it provides enough content to get someone interested enough to click.
  • How to use it: This design trend works with any website that has a lot of content. Use it to stay organized and help visitors find what they are looking for fast.

5. Outlined Text Elements

5 Web Design Trends for April 2022 2

Another WordPress design trend that’s growing in popularity also has to do with typography: Outlined text elements. Check out this example from Qrypt.

In most cases, an outlined text element is part of a display or hero area and is paired with traditional fill text. The result is often a yin and yang text effect that helps users read across the screen from one element to the next.

  • Why it works: Any design element that’s a little unusual will stop the user and get their attention. That’s exactly what large outlined text does.
  • How to use it: This style works best with an aesthetic such as the example above, with a color or simple background. Too many tricks at once can get distracting.

Putting it All Together

WordPress website design trends are a fun element that can keep your site looking fresh and modern. But don’t feel like you have to try every new trend that comes along. Pick the ones that are right for your website and brand to ensure that your design feels trendy but still like you.

Carrie Cousins

Carrie Cousins has more than 15 years of experience in media, design, and content marketing. She works in digital marketing and is also a freelance writer and designer, specializing in creating amazing experiences online for small businesses. Her work has been featured in publications such as Design Shack, Webdesigner Depot, The Next Web, and Fast Company. She’s an avid runner, which comes in handy with Australian shepherds at home.

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